Definitions for "enter "
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(1) (in play) use an entry; transfer the lead to the opposite hand.(2) (in bidding) after the opponents have opened the bidding, for the first time for your side bid, or suggest with a takeout double that partner bid, after the opponents have bid.(3) (in a tournament) participate.
Entering means to re-enter a checker from the bar into your opponent's home board and then back into the game.
To move a checker that has been hit from the bar onto the opponent's home board according to the numbers of the roll of the dice.
A hound is "entered" when he is first regularly used for hunting. Puppies in their first season of hunting are referred to as "young entry."
To use a hound regularly for hunting.
To enter young hounds is to initiate them in the skill of hunting a fox.
To type an item of information into a field in a database. (DB, Gr. 5) ESC key: Key on a keyboard that is used to "move around" with a program. (Kybdy, Gr. 1)
To key new or changed employee record values on a screen.
The key immediately right of the apostrophe key. Also called the Return key and the Carriage Return. A similar key is at the lower right corner of the keyboard.
To inscribe; to enroll; to record; as, to enter a name, or a date, in a book, or a book in a catalogue; to enter the particulars of a sale in an account, a manifest of a ship or of merchandise at the customhouse.
To place in regular form before the court, usually in writing; to put upon record in proper from and order; as, to enter a writ, appearance, rule, or judgment.
To make report of (a vessel or her cargo) at the customhouse; to submit a statement of (imported goods), with the original invoices, to the proper officer of the customs for estimating the duties. See Entry, 4.
The first non-graphic requested as part of a visit.
Enter is the first studio album from the symphonic metal band Within Temptation, released in 1997. Although this album shows off Sharon den Adel's voice, the band's guitarist Robert Westerholt provides gruff death metal growls too.
Enter is the second album but first full length album by Russian Circles. It was released on Flameshovel Records on May 16th, 2006. The band uses feedback at the end of each songs which allows the album to flow continuously.
To engage in; to become occupied with; as, to enter the legal profession, the book trade, etc.
To initiate; to introduce favorably.
To get admission; to introduce one's self; to penetrate; to form or constitute a part; to become a partaker or participant; to share; to engage; -- usually with into; sometimes with on or upon; as, a ball enters into the body; water enters into a ship; he enters into the plan; to enter into a quarrel; a merchant enters into partnership with some one; to enter upon another's land; the boy enters on his tenth year; to enter upon a task; lead enters into the composition of pewter.
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To unite in; to join; to be admitted to; to become a member of; as, to enter an association, a college, an army.
To cause to go (into), or to be received (into); to put in; to insert; to cause to be admitted; as, to enter a knife into a piece of wood, a wedge into a log; to enter a boy at college, a horse for a race, etc.
become a participant; be involved in; "enter a race"; "enter an agreement"; "enter a drug treatment program"; "enter negotiations"
Enter is a customizable lightweight login manager for X that was developed to be able to run on many different environments and save system resources. It is a perfect match for lightweight desktop or window managers.
Enter is a lightweight graphical login manager for X
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Enter magazine was produced from October 1983 to May 1985 by Children's Television Workshop (CTW, later renamed Sesame Workshop).
To pass within the limits of; to attain; to begin; to commence upon; as, to enter one's teens, a new era, a new dispensation.
register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members"
set out on (an enterprise, subject of study, etc.); "she embarked upon a new career"
To go into or upon, as lands, and take actual possession of them.
take on duties or office; "accede to the throne"
inter, to obtain, take possession of lands/property/office 2. to place someone in possession of same
To come or go into; to pass into the interior of; to pass within the outer cover or shell of; to penetrate; to pierce; as, to enter a house, a closet, a country, a door, etc.; the river enters the sea.
To go or come in; -- often with in used pleonastically; also, to begin; to take the first steps.
to come or go into; "the boat entered an area of shallow marshes"
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starting a hawk out on a certain type of prey.
To input information in any application on your device by typing or writing.
OR type "type" is preferred
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To go into an area to observe all visible components.
To go into a area to observe all visible components
Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank.
be or play a part of or in; "Elections figure prominently in every government program"; "How do the elections figure in the current pattern of internal politics?"
(prefix) intestine. e.g. enteritis - inflammation of the intestine.
To deposit for copyright the title or description of (a book, picture, map, etc.); as, "entered according to act of Congress."
To put a subscriber name or subscription record on the file. This does not mean "to start service." (See "Start.")
is sometimes an alternative to a click of the mouse.
To penetrate mentally; to consider attentively; -- with into.
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make a record of; set down in permanent form
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To put the penis into the vagina or anus.
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See "Accessible."
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(see Re-enter)