Definitions for "Blot"
An exposure of a single man to be taken up.
A single man left on a point, exposed to be taken up.
A weak point; a failing; an exposed point or mark.
To spot, stain, or bespatter, as with ink.
To stain with infamy; to disgrace.
A spot or stain, as of ink on paper; a blur.
To obliterate, as writing with ink; to cancel; to efface; -- generally with out; as, to blot out a word or a sentence. Often figuratively; as, to blot out offenses.
An obliteration of something written or printed; an erasure.
Initiation Reversion Insight
Insight Reassurance
Keywords:  sumbel, asatru, seidhr, mead, honey
sacrifice, ritual or blessing. May or may not be connected to the word "blood." We use apple juice, beer, or mead (honey-wine) today. See my mead recipes . One of the two or three major types of Asatru ritual. See also Sumbel and Seidhr.
Blot is the fourth and final full-length album by the Norwegian black/viking metal band Einherjer. It was released on November 21, 2003 by Tabu Recordings.
Keywords:  copybook, discredit, huge, brings, act
an act that brings discredit to the person who does it; "he made a huge blot on his copybook"
Keywords:  norse, rite, deity, celebration, chosen
a traditional Norse rite in which offerings are given to a chosen deity in celebration
Keywords:  hospice, race
Hospice Race
Keywords:  desses, god, offering
an offering to the god/desses
Keywords:  eclipse, obscure, shadow
To obscure; to eclipse; to shadow.
Keywords:  immortal, protocol
Immortal Protocol
Keywords:  mar, impair, soil, damage
To impair; to damage; to mar; to soil.
Keywords:  dry, paper, easily, ink, writing
To dry, as writing, with blotting paper.
To take a blot; as, this paper blots easily.
dry (ink) with blotting paper
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See blotting.