Definitions for "mulligan"
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In informal and friendly games of golf, a permission to take another stroke without counting the previous stroke against the score, when a stroke was poorly played; a free stroke; as, to take a mulligan.
A gratuitous offering by a fellow player to hit a second shot in friendly play due to the disastrous nature of the first ball's location. Not allowed by the rules.
The chance to replay your last shot.
John Mulligan was a Birmingham, England born New Wave musician. He is most prominently known as the bassist and keyboardist of the band Fashion from 1979-1984. Mulligan is of Italian and Indian heritage and is visually remembered with dreadlocks.
A stew made typically of meat, vegetables, and any conveniently available ingredients; also, an Irish version of burgoo.
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a small price to pay for all those extra cards that don't appear as lands in your deck later on
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a brand new start, a "do over