Definitions for "Ingredients"
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food items in a recipe.
Foods that are used in the preparation of a particular dish.
Building an excellent swimming performance is a bit like cooking - to create a classic dish you bring together a specific list of ingredients - eggs, flour, tomatoes, mushrooms, wine - and you cook them. How long you cook for, how many eggs or tomatoes you use, how much flour, what type of wine you add and when, are all part of the RECIPE - how you mix, use and develop the ingredients. Swimming fastest also has ingredients; if you leave any out you will not produce a classic dish. According to Dr. Keith Bell, they are : ELIGIBILITY HEALTH TALENT POWER FLEXIBILITY PSYCHOLOGICAL SKILLS STAMINA SPEED SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT TECHNICAL SKILLS
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The components that make up a ration - such as lucerne, maize, soyameal.
Are non-tobacco components , added to a tobacco product to aid the manufacture, maintain the quality or impart a distinctive taste or aroma.
The components that make up a ration - such as oats, corn, soybean meal.
Active Ingredient: atomoxetine hydrochloride. Inactive Ingredients: pregelatinized starch, dimethicone, gelatin, sodium laurel sulfate, FD&C Blue No. 2, synthetic yellow iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and edible black ink. Back to the top Back to the top Back to the top Back to the top
a Brazilian Company able to imbue cosmetic formulas with very best of the plant biodiversity found in Amazon region
In the context of this audit, this refers to ingredients that are usually mixed with other commodities and/or ingredients to form the finished product.
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one of the substances that make up a mixture.