Definitions for "Stamina"
The fixed, firm part of a body, which supports it or gives it strength and solidity; as, the bones are the stamina of animal bodies; the ligneous parts of trees are the stamina which constitute their strength.
Whatever constitutes the principal strength or support of anything; backbone; vigor; as, the stamina of a constitution or of life; the stamina of a State.
The power of endurance; the ability to withstand fatigue, disease, deprivation, etc., and continue working.
STAMINA technology has refined the core mechanics of the Handycam. Combined with smaller, high capacity batteries, it means Sony Handycams with STAMINA can offer super long recording time, of up to 17 hours on one battery.
Now you can brag about the stamina in your camcorder, too. By using InfoLithium batteries, you can boost your camcorder's continuous recording time to 12 hours.
Drawing from Sony's wealth of experience in battery technology, Stamina technology delivers longer operating times.
gameplay] This stat replaced "moves". It is now used for more things besides movement. See also songs, grappling, sector.
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See Stamen.