Definitions for "Tolerance"
the allowed amount of variation from the standard or from exact conformity to the specified dimensions, weight, hardness, voltage etc., in various mechanical or electrical devices or operations; -- caklled also allowance
The amount which coins, either singly or in lots, are legally allowed to vary above or below the standard of weight or fineness.
The allowable range of dimensions of a part, whether hand or machine-made.
The power possessed or acquired by some persons of bearing doses of medicine which in ordinary cases would prove injurious or fatal.
the acquired inability to respond with an immune reaction to an antigen to which the organism normally responds; -- called also immunotolerance, immunological tolerance, or immune tolerance. Such tolerance may be induced by exposing an animal to the antigen at a very early stage of life, prior to maturation of the immune system, or, in adults, by exposing the animal to repeated low doses of a weak protein antigen (low-zone tolerance), or to a large amount of an antigen (high-zone tolerance).
Decrease in response to a fixed dosage of drug; over time, higher and higher doses of a drug are needed to get the desired effect
The power or capacity of enduring; the act of enduring; endurance.
The endurance of the presence or actions of objectionable persons, or of the expression of offensive opinions; toleration.
Capability of growth in more or less shade.
Permissible degree of variation from a pre-set standard.
Permissible residue level for pesticides in raw agricultural produce and processed foods. Whenever a pesticide is registered for use on a food or feed crop, a tolerance must be established. EPA establishes the tolerance levels, which are enforced by the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture. Tonnage: The amount of waste that a landfill accepts, usually expressed as tons per month. The rate at which a landfill accepts waste is limited by the landfill´s permit.
The maximum amount of pesticide or drug residue allowed by law to remain in or on a harvested crop or food animal product. EPA sets tolerances for pesticides and FDA sets tolerances for drugs so that treated crops or animals consumed do not pose an unreasonable risk to consumers (a reasonable certainty of no harm for pesticides). Tolerances are set for food-use crops on a per-crop basis. Tolerances are set for animal products on the basis of individual species and tissue (muscle, liver, etc.).
The failure to produce antibodies against antigens normally present in the body.
An attenuation of response to an agent or antigen.
Tolerance is the failure to respond to an antigen; when that antigen is borne by self-tissues, tolerance is called self-tolerance.
The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.
The belief that each person is the source of his own 'truth,' and that no one should be the source of someone else's 'truth.' Tolerance destroys Perceiver thought because it forbids Perceiver strategy from looking for similarities between situations. This leaves emotional 'truth' in charge and ensures that some person will always be the source of 'truth'—thus bringing an end to tolerance.
willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others
The term given to the amount of movement on various production equipment, usually something in the region of about 2mm depending on the machine and the process being carried out. When machine enclosing items however, it is essential that there is at least 12mm of extra space (tolerance) between the width of the largest insert and the width of the envelope.
Because of the handmade production process, Venezia Fireplace Fascia pavers have a minimum tolerance of +/- 1/4" in all directions. For lengths/widths over 24", add 1/16" tolerance per additional 12". For quoins, corners and cut-away components, allow 1/4" tolerance +/- in all directions. The end user should be expecting a rustic finished appearance; grout joints will vary in thickness; and installed heights of individual pavers may vary slightly.
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the range of an environmental factor (also pathogens and pests) within which an organism or a population can survive
A form of genetic resistance in which an organism attacked or affected by a disease pathogen (or pest) exhibits less reduction in yield or performance in comparison with members of other affected cultivars or breeds.
Tolerance is the amount of error accepted in a given situation. See Estimator.
Acceptance and open-mindedness to different practices, attitudes and cultures; does not necessarily mean agreement with the differences.
The acceptable range of error from a measured standard.
tolerance settings effect the way the selected tool performs it's function on an image. High tolerance settings will effect a larger area of the image than low tolerance settings. See the tutorial on Tolerance Settings
A setting that determines how choosy a selection tool will be in matching the criteria you specify. For example, a low-tolerance setting in a color-picking tool selects only a narrow range of colors.
In Photoshop tolerance describes a certain distance between adjacent pixels. Tolerance is used with the Wand Tool for making selections and the Paint Bucket Tool for painting. The tolerance values can be adjusted for these tools. For example, when the Wand Tool is set to a tolerance of one, only a small selection will be created because the distance between the selected pixel value and adjacent pixels is only one.
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Tract Transverse Myelitis
For hit-testing, a value that specifies how close to a shape part a hit point must be for the hit-test to be considered successful.
generally the amount by which a specified component value can vary from the marked value
Aluminum extrusions are produced to standard dimensional tolerances, unless otherwise specified.
the balance between the differentiated Ineffable (the incomprehensibility of the Divine) and the symbolic expression of order
The highest result of education is tolerance. Helen Keller
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What'd you call me
Set by the University Business Office for Auxiliaries and Local Funds and by the University Budget Office for E&G departments. A tolerance is a special circumstance in which a department is authorized by one of the aforementioned offices to spend more than the amount of budget in a specific category.
The point at which a person adapts to a specific substance, so larger amounts of the prescribed medication or a new medication is needed to achieve the same results.
The maximum and minimum limit values a product may have and still meet customer requirements.
a legally enforceable limit
Minimum/maximum range of measurement.
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A way of acting that theists only promote when it benefits them.
the degree to which symptoms arise from a formula infusion.
See opponent-process theory of motivation.
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The dollar amount by which an invoice may exceed the Purchase Order. No more than 50% per line item and no more than $100 for the total of the PO.
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deed granting some privilege.
This term has a meaning similar to that of "resistance." It means that a plant may get a certain disease, but that it will perform despite the problem.
Amount that establishes the range upon which to base the differentiation between good and bad products.
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Tone Tone Transfer
The difference between an area calculation made by an individual and the actual area of a subject space, floor or building. If the Tolerance is 1%, then two individual's area calculations will always be within 2% of each other (one could be 1% high and the other 1% low).
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the act of tolerating something
The amount of radiation an organ or body site can receive without becoming damaged.
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a health-based standard
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see print tolerance