Definitions for "per"
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Divided, i.e. per bend, per saltire, per pale
xxx...: The phrase "per xxx..." means that the shield is divided as if by a very thin ordinary of the specified type. Thus "Per fess" means divided in half horizontaly, because a fess is horizontal, per bend is diagonal, per pale is vertical, and per pall is a "Y" shaped division, and per saltire is divided by 2 crossed diagonal lines. It's possible to divide the shield Per Cross but this is usually called "quarterly".
by/through (Typis Academicis, per Leopoldum Berger = [Printed] with the types belonging to the Academy, by Leopold Berger)
The Price Earning Ratio is a ratio which compares the share price to the profit per company share. The PER is a criterion often used by analysts.
protein efficiency ratio. This is a measure of protein quality assessed bydetermining how well a given protein supports weight gain in laboratory animals, namely rats. The PERis probably not the best rating system because it overestimates methionine needs due to the greaterneed for methionine in rats for hair production.
See Price/earnings ratio.
(Spanish) The name Spain gave to her southern Viceroyalty. The Viceroyalty of Perú stretched across Panama and most of South America, with the exception of Venezuela, which was part of New Spain, and coastal Brazil, which was held by the Portuguese. The capital city of the viceroyalty was Lima.
Prefix meaning throughout, in space or time, or completely or extremely.
A prefix for 1. extremely, and 2. through. Comment: In palynological terms the prefix is often used for complete (e.g. in pertectate) or very (e.g. in peroblate). Pererect (adj.) ( Reitsma, 1970) Synonym of perprolate.
Patriarchal Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the US
Per was the name of a powerful storm with hurricane winds which hit the west coast of Sweden and Norway on the morning of 14 January, 2007. In Sweden six people died from the storm and approx. 300,000 households were left without electricity.
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ASL Browser
Periodicals Room. Located on the upper mezzanine of the Library building.
Per is the hieroglyph for 'house', the floor-plan of a walled building with an open doorway.
Preliminary Engineering Report. Same document as a Preliminary Engineering Proposal ( PEP ). Required by the Virginia Sewage Regulations, the document is usually prepared by a consulting engineering firm, hired by the loan recipient. It contains a description of the existing facilities, projects the future wastewater treatment needs, proposes alternatives for meeting those needs, assesses the environmental impact of the alternatives and provides cost estimates. Both PER and PEP are used to describe the document but the use of Preliminary Engineering Report ( PER ) is probably more common
Curiam – Latin, meaning "for the court." In appellate courts, often refers to an unsigned opinion.
Packed Encoding Rules. Describes how the values defined in ASN.1 should be encoded for transmission over a network. See also X.691.
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Periodical (Magazine or Journal)
Post Evaluation Report
Project Evaluation Review
Public Expenditure Review
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Per thousand
the genetic abbreviation for the gene named period, which was the first clock gene to be discovered
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WP Program Editor Resident Area
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Provider Edge Router.
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Personal Care
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To get to...
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As stated by
by or through
For each.