Definitions for "Dilution"
(1) A decrease in the proportion of income to which each shareholder is entitled, (2) A decrease in the % ownership of individual shareholders. Bloopers & Blunders: Value Dilution Caused By Acquisitions: AOL, CompuServe
Issues of new shares made other than on a pro rata basis to existing shareholders and particularly placements offered to outsiders at a price which is less than either the market value or the net tangible asset backing of equivalent existing shares.
Dilution can be caused by a change in the financial structure of a company, in particular, following a financial operation, and it usually constitutes a lowering of the profit per share or a reduction of the percentage of capital that a shareholder owns.
is the normal effect of grade reduction from idealized that occurs when mining takes place. Some dilution, or non-mineralized material below an "ideal cut", is mined and sent to the mill along with the ore.
mixing of economic grade material with non-economic grade or waste material in the mining process
Incorporation of low grade mineralization or waste rock with ore during mining operations.
(4) to diminish the concentration by mixing one mass with another. For example, the mixing of one flow of water with another flow to obtain a flow with intermediate aqueous concentration. This process is used to reduce the concentration of metals or other potentially harmful contaminants in the more concentrated flow. Dispersion mechanisms include turbulent flow in a river or a creek, or currents and wind generated mixing in lakes.
Usually refers to the mixing of contaminated water through mechanical dispersion and molecular diffusion (due to chemical gradients).
Most sewer codes regulate chemical discharges according to their concentration. Although diluting photographic waste reduces the concentration, most sewer codes specifically prohibit dilution of the waste for the sole purpose of meeting the code limits.
The use of a trademark by someone not authorized to use it.
The occurrence of trademark infringement where the reputation of the trademark or service mark is damaged or its distinctiveness is diminished.
The legal doctrine of dilution, recognized in the statutes or case law of 31 states, applies to marks which are highly similar or identical to strong, well-known trademarks. The doctrine stipulates that the use of a famous trademark by any party other than its owner will result in loss of the mark's distinctiveness - even when the goods or services are not related and there is no likelihood of confusion. Some names may be judged to be available because they are already diluted; not, that is, the name is in use by a number of different companies which may or may not include a famous user.
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Essential Oils are not usually recommended to be used "neat" (undiluted) on the skin; therefore, they need to be diluted in an appropriate "carrier." The carriers are often vegetable oils, but may also be alcohol, as in the case of Eau de Colognes or Eau de Toilette. If labeled correctly, diluted Essential Oils are not to be considered "adulterated"
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Dilutive effect Dip
an effect on a coat color that causes it to become a paler shade like blue or cream
change to the coat colour of an animal due to the dilution - caused by one gene (TYRP1 in this case) - of the basic pigmentation -determined by another gene ( MC1R in this case).
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The amount of total chargebacks of accounts receivable over a period of time. (See "Chargeback" above.) For example, if a client generates $10,000,000 in total sales over the course of a year and his customers take $100,000 in deductions, the client's dilution rate is 1%.
The risk associated with the collection of accounts receivable for a business. This risk can take the form of customer returns, chargebacks, slow payment and bad debt.
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Networks Vector Neutrophil Vivo
A decrease in the value of securities as the resul... Add a comment
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Modeling Therapeutics
Distribution Diversification Dividend Dividend-Capture Strategy
Returns, allowances, credit losses, discounts and other offsets against accounts receivable. Dilution drives the advance rate in a transaction.
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Direct Examination
The amount of risk associated with collection of t... more
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The act of diluting, or the state of being diluted.