Definitions for "Abandonment"
The act of abandoning, or the state of being abandoned; total desertion; relinquishment.
The relinquishment by the insured to the underwriters of what may remain of the property insured after a loss or damage by a peril insured against.
The relinquishment of a right, claim, or privilege, as to mill site, etc.
The termination of deliveries under a sales contract which is certified under the Natural Gas Policy Act.
The decision of a carrier to give up or to discontinue service over a route. Railroads must seek ICC permission to abandon routes.
Termination of a sale or interstate transportation of natural gas. Abandonment of a service that is subject to FERC jurisdiction requires some type of advance determination by the FERC under Section 7 (b) of the NGA that the “present or future public convenience and necessity” requires termination.
A term used in marine insurance that indicates that the cost of repairs to a vessel is greater than the value of the vessel and cargo.
Refusing delivery of a shipment that is so badly damaged in transit, it has little or no value.
The act of refusing delivery of a shipment so badly damaged in transit that it is worthless; OR damage to a vessel that is so severe that it is considered a constructive total loss.
Abandonment (of A Spouse)
The action of one spouse leaving the marital home without consent of the other spouse. This is considered grounds for divorce in some states.
To leave a spouse with no intention of returning.
Allowing an option to expire unexercised. American-Style Exercise - An option which may be exercised on any business day prior to expiration.
Allowing an option to expire unexercised. Also, withdrawal from a cancellable forward contract to purchase securities.
The act of not exercising or selling an option before its expiration.
When a railroad decides that a portion of track is no longer useful, it decides to have the track torn up and removed.
Any true cessation. An emptiness of a mind that has completely abandoned a delusion or other fault.
The permanent cessation of rail activity on a given line of railroad.
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Loosing customers in the middle of the conversion procedure of your website. E.g. – Customer fills the shopping cart, but abandons the site without committing to actual purchase.
When a visitor exits or leaves a conversion process on a website and does not return later in the session. See also conversion funnel.
When a visitor exits a page or process without completing the desired action. Also see Shopping Cart Abandonment.
Vacating or giving up use of or rights in real property. Also a tenant vacating premises before a lease expires without consent of the landlord.
Occurs when a tenant gives up their home without giving notice to the landlord.
the tenant's remedy of moving out of a rental unit that is uninhabitable and that the landlord has not repaired within a reasonable time after receiving notice of the defects from the tenant.
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(of a patent application) – stopping the prosecution process; can be implicit (failure to reply to an office action or pay a prescribed fee within the time period allowed) or explicit (PTO is informed by the applicant or his agent that further prosecution will not be pursued).
An application for trade-mark or copyright registration may be considered abandoned if the applicant does not take steps to complete the process. An application for Industrial design will be considered abandoned if the applicant fails to reply within the specified time to any report that sets out objections to registration.
a method whereby the city may dispose of a public street, highway, alley, lane, parkway, avenue, road, sidewalk, utility easement, or other public way that is no longer necessary for public use
to give up ownership of an interest (such as an easement) by failure to use the property, along with an interest to abandon (give up interest).
failure on the part of medical professionals to attend to a patient who needs treatment.
Desertion of a parent or guardian without the provision of a safe, stable adult resource or an indication of returning to resume care
See desertion.
There are three interpretations of this type of dream. Active, when you abandon someone; passive, when you have been abandoned; and objective, when you see or hear of someone else's abandonment. Active: Dreaming of abandoning evil companions or escaping a nefarious venture predicts an increase in income. If you dream of abandoning a loved one it forecasts trouble of a serious nature. Passive: If you dream of being abandoned by a loved one it anticipates illness in close relatives. Objective: This is a prophecy that you will receive some news that will have a profound influence on your life.
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withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility; "his abandonment of his wife and children left them penniless"
Improper withdrawal from the care of a patient after the creation of a provider/patient relationship.
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Abiogenic theory
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Careless freedom or ease; abandon.
The term abandonment has a multitude of uses which can generally be broken into legal and extra-legal uses. This "signpost article" provides a guide to the various uses of the word via links to articles that deal with each of the distinct concepts at length.
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The estate may abandon property back to you because of low value. We have even seen abandonmentâ€(tm)s on pets before. If you get a Report of Abandonment you can file it away and forget about it.
Final plugging of wells, and/or permanent dismantling of a well, production platform or other installation.
Regulatory authorization for a utility to cease provision of a particular service and/or to shut down a particular facility.
Elimination of a segment from the rail network. Abandonments must be approved by the Surface Transportation Board.
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the act of giving something up
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Abandonment option Ability to pay Abnormal Return