Definitions for "Regulatory"
controls and makes regular
This refers to the regulations which tell how the Federal aid highway program is administered. The primary regulations for right-of-way real property acquisition, relocation, appraisal, property management, junkyard control, outdoor advertising and property management are 23 CFR 710, 750, 751 and 49 CFR 24.
3dOnThe.Net's software product to assist a medical device manufacturer in getting approval from the FDA and equivalent organizations.
restricting according to rules or principles; "a regulatory gene"
Subject to the control of or required to follow rules set forth by a governmental agency. With respect to washes or streams it refers to those areas where the federal government restricts the use or development of areas it has deemed to be "Waters of the U.S." These regulations are part of the Clean Water Act.
Having the power or ability to control or direct according to rule, principle, or law.
Alternate meanings include To bring order, method, or uniformity. To fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of. Pertaining to Regulations [D03229] Webster
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container Container Container for elements related to regulation of the instrument.
A directive or statement originating from policy.