Definitions for "IPR"
In Progress Reviews
1. Interim Progress Report OR 2. In Process Review
Intellectual Propriety Right.
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International Poker Ranking
Injection Pressure Regulator Output; The PCM controls the high pressure oil system by varying the duty cycle of the IPR. The IPR controls the oil bypass circuit of the high pressure pump. 0%=full return to sump (open valve), 100%=full flow to injectors (closed valve). The PCM monitors the system with the ICP input. The PCM can control fuel delivery to the injectors by increasing the IPR duty cycle which increases fule pressure through the injector nozzels. PID: IPR (% of duty cycle), MFDES Mass Fuel Desired an internal PCM calculation based on load demand (MG)
Integrated Pollution Regulation. Integrated Pollution Regulation, see Chief Inspectors Guidance for HMIP Inspectors, Series 3 (mineral sector).
See Integrated Pollution Regulation.
Intra peritoneal. Used in toxicological studies.
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Inches Per Revolution. Used quite often to denote feed rate.
Inches per Revolution. It is a unit of measurement indicating the speed of the tool along its cutting path.
Inflammation, Proliferation, and Remodeling. The body's response to injury. In PE this relates to the postulation that desired injury inflicted by PE might be set by keeping the penis in an extended state for some time after workout, following this with a rest period before the next workout.
INTELLIGENCE PRODUCTION REQUIREMENT. An IPR may be initiated by a user whenever there is a perceived data gap. It may cover current, midterm, or long range intelligence requirements which cannot be wholly satisfied by the resources of the requester.
Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation
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Inward Processing Relief
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Inside Plant Repeater
The conditions under which the information created by one party may be appreciated by another party.
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Institute of Public Relations