Definitions for "Injector"
Keywords:  boiler, contrivance, steam, jet, feed
A contrivance for forcing feed water into a steam boiler by the direct action of the steam upon the water. The water is driven into the boiler by the impulse of a jet of the steam which becomes condensed as soon as it strikes the stream of cold water it impels; -- also called Giffard's injector, from the inventor.
An apparatus for forcing water into a steam boiler by means of an enclosed jet or nozzle, through which the steam issues at a high velocity, drawing water through a suction pipe and carrying it along to the boiler in a feed pipe, where, because of its high velocity and force of impact, it is able to overcome the back pressure and enter the boiler.
The ion source and first stage of acceleration up to 1-2 MeV is the injector of a driver.
see fuel injector input shaft intake intake charge intake manifold intake port intercooled intercooler intercooler efficiency intermediate shaft intermediate sprocket IROC J-body journal K&N K-body K-car K-frame
Refers to the pump system (used in a fuel injection system) that squirts or injects a measured amount of gasoline into the intake manifold in the vicinity of the intake valve. In the diesel engine fuel is injected directly into the cylinder.
A system of orifices used to direct propellant to create mixing and fog production for combustion.
A mechanism for accurately injecting a predetermined amount of sample into the mobile phase stream. The injector can be a simple manual device, or a sophisticated autosampler that permits automated injections of many different samples for unattended operation.
One of the seven basic components of an HPLC system; allows a predetermined amount of sample to be introduced into the MOBILE PHASE flow path. The injector can be as simple as a manually-actuated valve for single injections, or it could be a completely automated instrument for unattended, multi-injection analyses.
System for introducing the sample or mobile phase into the column. May be either manual or automated. It is a good idea to filter the analyte to prevent the injector from clogging.
A dropper which installs a virus only in memory (without infecting anything on the disk) is sometimes called an injector.
(see Dropper).
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An assembly consisting of a body and a plunger installed on packed expansion joints and packed ball joints designed to inject packing. See Series 6500 Perma-Pax Expansion Joints and Hyspan Barco Ball Joints. The injector may include a valve as added safety when injecting packing. In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint
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A BPL device which, using an inductor, induces signals on power lines for broadband use.
a passive device similar to a venturi or eductor that uses the motive force of a liquid to generate a negative pressure at a small orifice
a piece of equipment which proportions a concentrated nutrient stock solution with a precise amount of water in a ratio to give the resulting solution the exact nutrient formulation calculated by the operator for feeding his crop
Device that injects fertilizer stock solution into the irrigation line at a known dilution ratio.
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A small diameter tube used to deliver process gases into the process tube of a CVD process furnace.
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a game tool that allows the user to inject either COBs or agents into the game world
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One who, or that which, injects.