Definitions for "Burner"
Keywords:  combust, propane, flame, fuel, balloon
The part of a lamp, gas fixture, etc., where the flame is produced.
Found in many heating devices, burners meter and mix a fuel with air to burn efficiently.
A device for the introduction of fuel and air into a furnace at the desired velocities, turbulence and concentration.
Originally a well-done wildstyle window-down whole car, a burner is a very good piece. Obviously, the reference to a window-down car is not applicable for pieces that are not on trains. Nowadays, burners are associated with a wildstyle piece, nearly impossible to read, its not burning if you can read it
a large, elaborate graffiti piece
A painting or piece.
a common nerve injury resulting from trauma to the neck and shoulder
a neurological injury
an injury to one or more nerves between your neck and shoulder
Keywords:  scsi, rom, dvd, picky, backup
A delphi component to add to your application the function of burning cd / dvd without any other dll or software
A device that writes CD-ROMs. CD burners connect to a computer via a SCSI or USB terminal.
Drive used to write information to a CD or DVD with a laser.
an annual denizen of Black Rock City
Burner (Byron Calley), also known as Crucible is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe whose first appearance was in Captain America Annual #4.
Keywords:  dbug, bbl, eprom, loader, hex
This is the name of the software component of Code Warrior which converts a .abs file into a format, such as an S-record, that can be handled by an EPROM burner or DBug12 loader. The burner uses a command file with extension .bbl (batch burner language) for details of how to generate the file. In addition to the S-record format, the burner can also create files in Intel hex format, etc.
Directive to select/deselect afterburner.
Keywords:  perfect, pin, hit, tap, apparent
A pin that remains standing after an apparently perfect hit.
When a pin stays standing after an apparent perfect strike hit. Also called tap or touch.
Keywords:  writable, external, internal
an internal or external writable
Keywords:  attendee, festival, artistic, man
an attendee of the Burning Man an artistic festival
Keywords:  fletch, feather, hot, wire, tool
An electrical tool that uses a hot wire to shape a feather fletch to a custom shape.
One who has attended Burning Man, and takes the spirit of the event back with them to the default world.
A burner is anyone who participates in the creation of Burning Man or one of the many regional Burning Man events that occur outside the Black Rock Desert, or anyone who self-identifies with a core set of values manifest at such events.
Keywords:  incinerator, waste, wood, means
Means a wood waste incinerator.
Keywords:  friendly, craft, little
a little more craft friendly
Keywords:  writer, synonym
a synonym for a "writer
Keywords:  tee, draw, hard, low, off
a hard, low draw off the tee
Keywords:  diffuser, vaporiser, see
Please see Vaporiser / Diffuser
Keywords:  stereo, listen, music, great, equipment
a great way to listen to digital music on stereo equipment you already have
Keywords:  pcs, need, your
a need for your both PCs
Keywords:  anything, fire, sets, one
One who, or that which, burns or sets fire to anything.
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A burner describes several things;
Keywords:  drive, allows, you
a drive that allows you to do this