Definitions for "Hopper"
A chute, box, or receptacle, usually funnel-shaped with an opening at the lower part, for delivering or feeding any material, as to a machine; as, the wooden box with its trough through which grain passes into a mill by joining or shaking, or a funnel through which fuel passes into a furnace, or coal, etc., into a car.
See Grasshopper, 2.
See Grasshopper, and Frog hopper, Grape hopper, Leaf hopper, Tree hopper, under Frog, Grape, Leaf, and Tree.
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The cavity within a slot machine where the coins are stored.
The location inside the machine where the money is stored.
Assembly inside the machine that receives, holds and dispenses coins. When the hopper is full, coins are diverted to the drop box.
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A car (covered or open top) with a floor that slopes from the ends and sides and discharges its Contents by gravity through doors at the bottom.
A window with a top sash that swings inward.
A container attached to the fireplace in which wood pellets are stored and fed to the burner.
Attached to an appliance, wood pellets, nuggets, or coal is stored and then fed to the burner
A vessel into which materials are fed, usually constructed in the form of an inverted pyramid or cone terminated in any opening through which the materials are discharged.
The mahogany box on the House rostrum where Members place bills they are introducing. In the Senate, there is no box. Senators hand their bill to a clerk at the rostrum.
The mythical depository where bills are dropped for introduction. Actually, bills are either pre-filed with the Secretary of the Senate or Clerk of the House, or are handed up to the desk when the districts are called.
Box on House clerk’s desk where members deposit bills and resolutions to introduce them. ( See also Bills Introduced.) back to top of G, H, I, J, K glossary
An enlarged top usually to a vertical pipe where it receives water from rainwater or waste pipes.
A hopper is a dished hollow on the top of a quern, used for grinding grain. Grain is put into the hopper and goes down a pipe to the centre of the quern.
The mechanism or hole for introducing material to be ground by a quern or millstones.
Crystal form exhibiting an indenting, terraced, structure penetrating towards the center.
It is a form of crystal which exhibits an indenting, terraced, structure penetrating towards the center.
An air permeable sack (silo) used to hold pre-expanded beads until they are required.
A container that holds large quantities of tennis balls.
The converging part of a silo.
A game. See Hopscotch.
someone who hops; "at hopscotch, the best hoppers are the children"
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Hakesäiliö, hakesiilo Container of wood chips in a pulp/paper mill.
The hopper is the part of a garbage truck or compactor where trash is emptied before compaction into the container.
Dust collector section located below tubesheet and under bags. It is utilized for accumulation of dust dropout from the incoming air stream and from the filter after cleaning.
Dust and ash collection devices typically located beneath Electrostatic Precipitator and baghouse compartments, below heat recovery units on boilers, and in various dust collection areas in chemical processes. They are conical or trapezoidal in cross-section and taper to a collection duct at the bottom.
The section of the paver that receives the paving material from an external source.
slang term for a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle held aloft by powerful thrusters.
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Hopper is a proposed European Space Agency orbital craft advanced concept. The advanced studies is supported by the EADS Phoenix flight test project.
an aerostat; the pilot sits in a chair or harness underneath the envelope, as opposed to standing in a basket.
terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping
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the deep end of an inground pool.
See Deep Hopper Design
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The larva of a cheese fly.
A rotating container where the lottery balls labelled one through 49 are placed that continually mixes the balls.
A container allowing non–melted adhesive to be supplied on a continuous basis to a melt zone.
(baseball) a hit that travels along the ground
a person who travels from one medical facility to another attempting to gain access to resources without a medical requirement
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The funny shaped thing that you put the balls in.
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Juvenile mouse that is just starting to move around
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House Chamber
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a person who sets the tables, and helps clean up
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One who, or that which, hops.