Definitions for "INSERT "
To set within something; to put or thrust in; to introduce; to cause to enter, or be included, or contained; as, to insert a scion in a stock; to insert a letter, word, or passage in a composition; to insert an advertisement in a newspaper.
A piece of material set into the face of the clubhead.
A paper or card securely bound to a catalogue, newspaper or magazine but which does not include a sample. (encart)
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1] When referring to bearings it indicates a replaceable shell-type bearing made to extremely close tolerances and generally used for main bearings and connecting rod bearings. [2] When referring to valves it indicates replaceable valve seats made of hard, heat-resisting metal that are screwed or shrunk into the cylinder head. [3] When referring to spark plugs it indicates replaceable threads which are installed into damaged spark plug holes so that spark plugs can be installed. Sometimes known by the trade name "Heli-coil." [4] Piston liners or cylinder sleeves.
A small cylinder, which is threaded on the inside, that is install reinforcement to attach bindings to. Used to reinforce the area of a snowboard where the screws for attaching the bindings go into the board.
a nut built into the board and a machine screw is then used to secure the binding
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A port or connection on an audio mixer that gives the ability to take an audio signal from one channel of the mixer, process it in some way, and feed the signal back into the same channel of the mixer. This new signal may then be mixed in with other signals in the mixer.
A jack which allows you to insert processors (generally dynamics processors) in a signal path--either on a channel (channel insert), a subgroup (group insert), or the mixer output (mix insert or main mix insert)
A point in the signal path that allows connection of an external device. Typical connections are via a single 1/4" TRS jack which function as output AND input connections. The connector carries both the signal being sent from the mixer as well as the signal returning into the mixer. For example, on a mixer there may be an insert jack on each input channel. You might use the insert jack on a particularly hot (loud, explosive) vocal to connect a compressor. Other devices that are commonly used with insert jacks are reverb processors and equalizers.
Heating appliance installed into an existing fireplace.
a hearth appliance that goes into your fireplace and vents through your damper
an efficient, prefabricated heating unit that is retrofitted into an existing fireplace
bonus item of packaging, eg postcard, info sheet
Any printed material inserted with the media that is not part of the cover. This can be, a separate lyrics sheet, poster, bio sheet, fan club membership offer or advertisement. This term can also be used for other items packaged with the media such as trading cards, stickers, tattoos, bracelets and coupons.
Any item that is put into a direct mail package.
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Any item that slides into a receiver style hitch (i.e. ball mount, bike rack, winch).
Any item which slides into a receiver hitch (i.e. Ballmount, Bike rack, Winch...etc.)
An integral part of plastic molding consisting of metal or other material that may be molded into the part or pressed into position after the molding is completed.
A part, usually formed from metal, which is placed in a mold and becomes and integral part of a casting.
a piece of plastic cut to fit your specific brand and model of sewing machine
an absorbent layer of material placed inside a pocket diaper
A flat rectangular or hourglass-shaped strip of layered fabrics used as the absorbent layer in the pocket of a pocket diaper. Often these are made from microfiber terry (often 3 layers), hemp fleece or terry (often 4 layers), hemp jersey (about 7 layers), and other fabrics as well. Note that an "insert" is not the same as a "liner."
In ARINC, "D" series, "W" series, and AMPLIMITE connectors, the insert is that part which holds the contacts in their proper arrangement and electrically insulates them from each other. It will accept contacts, or it may be preloaded with contacts or posts. It is NOT functional by itself, and must be inserted into a shell.
That part which holds the contacts in their proper arrangements and electrically insulates them from each other and from the shell. Also called dielectric, insulator, or dielectric support.
The dielectric or insulating inner core holds contacts. 17550 Gillette Ave Irvine, CA 92614 Tel: (949) 250-1244 Fax: (949) 250-1009
n: 1. a cylindrical object, rounded, blunt, or chisel-shaped on one end and usually made of tungsten carbide, that is inserted in the cones of a bit, the cutters of a reamer, or the blades of a stabilizer to form the cutting element of the bit or the reamer or the wear surface of the stabilizer. Also called a compact.
Usually refers to a carbide tool that fits into a tool holder.
The part of the tool that comes in contact with the part being machined. When an insert wears or breaks, it can be easily replaced. Also, an insert can be a replaceable machining surface on some tools.
This is term which refers to editing operations which do not lay down a new control track. This type of editing opertion requires the use of a pre-striped tape (tape on to which a continious control track has been laid).
A piece of paper or card laid between the leaves of a book and not secured in anyway.
A yarn or fiber laid directly into a fabric without first being woven or put into a scrim.
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A fragment of DNA integrated into a cloning vector.
A DNA sequence that is placed into a vector using recombinant genetic engineering techniques. Vectors are used to stabilize, transport, and express the DNA insert.
In a complete plasmid clone, there are two types of DNA - the "vector" sequences and the "insert". The vector sequences are those regions necessary for propagation, antibiotic resistance, and all those mundane functions necessary for useful cloning. In contrast, however, the insert is the piece of DNA in which you are really interested.
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INSERT aims to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose disaster recovery and network analysis system. It boots from a credit card-sized CD-ROM and is basically a stripped-down version of Knoppix. It features good hardware detection, fluxbox, emelfm, links-hacked, ssh, tcpdump, nmap, chntpwd, and much more.
introduce; "Insert your ticket here"
fit snugly into; "insert your ticket into the slot"; "tuck your shirtail in"
INSERT is a complete, bootable Linux system sized to fit onto a credit card CD.
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(1) Matted or framed portion of a picture. (2) Additional shot added to a scene at a later time.
A close shot of detail to be inserted in a shot containing more comprehensive action.
a shot with in a scene in which a certain specific piece of information is indicated such as a watch face, a door bell button, a bomb under a desk, etc.
a metal firebox
A metal device cast into a unit normally used for anchoring or handling.
A separate steel which is mounted upon or into another section to aid in ease of repair or to extend wearability. It may be of similar or dissimilar metal than parent metal.
The options available in Insert differ from each application. In Text Editor Insert allows you to insert a picture file, the current date, page number, symbol and a page break. In Spreadsheet it is used to insert columns, rows, functions, charts and worksheets. In Database it is used to insert a new field or record. Whilst in Presentation you can insert a text box, an image, a new slide, clip art and a next or previous slide button.
A way of inserting sound into a mix whilst by-passing some of the controls.
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Add language to a bill or resolution.
To add rows or columns or cells in between existing ones, moving existing data out of the way.
transmission tape inserted into the studio broadcast to add immediacy and scope to the news presentation
Something placed between the pages of a publication, usually of an advertising nature.
a folded section placed between the leaves of another publication
It may be necessary to install a valve seat insert or insert guide if a valve seat or guide surface in a cylinder head is worn excessively. In other words, there is not enough undamaged metal remaining to create a guide or seat of suitable dimensions. The head is bored out to the proper diameter, then the new part is pressed in and must be finished. Some aluminum cylinder heads use insert guides and/or valve seat inserts because the head material is not hard enough to ensure good wear characteristics.
The Insert key is a toggle key. That is, repeatedly pressing it will alternate between two effects: 1. typing overtypes characters already there 2. typing inserts characters in between the characters that are already there. Some programs have an indicator on screen to show you which effect is current. But not all are as friendly.
JUNOS software command that allows a user to reorder terms in a routing policy or a firewall filter, or change the order of a policy chain.
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a system of ineracting elements
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A small panel which is used between a pair of swags or jabots.
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an artifact that is inserted or is to be inserted
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a pathway out and then back into a single fader
to be deployed into a tactical area by helicopter
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Key on a keyboard or function of word processing software that is used to insert text without deleting previously keyed text. (Kybdy, Gr. 1)
The generic term for a bearing used in a mounted assembly
A complete clock movement/dial/bezel assembly that mounts in a hole with the movement portion recessed. When inserted in the hole, the dial bezel is flush with the front of your clock case.
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a card that is rare, but is not part of the basic set or sub-set
the part of the cash drawer used to store the notes and coins, often referred to as a till.
means a label or paper that is inserted into a prepackaged product.
Built up section which saves the use of expensive steel except at the point where actually needed.
Reinforcing steel or aluminum channel section usually pressed within main frame rails.
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object model] [ player] This is an action command that allows a user to put one thing inside another thing.
The name used to describe the document inside the front of the CD-ROM jewel box. Among other things, the insert may carry product specific information and installation instructions.
insert casually; "She slipped in a reference to her own work"
A smaller frame within the outer frame. This is sometimes referred to as a slip frame.
the process of including a current recording at what is the current location in an audio document without overriding any other recorded passage making up the document.
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Latin insertio = to join into, implant, hence, to attach; noun - insertion.
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1) An additional route into a sound desk. 2) An extra lighting state added into the sequence later. See Point Cue.
(film) a still picture that is inserted and that interrupts the action of a film
put or introduce into something; "insert a picture into the text"
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See "Inserted Fastener."
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Square, round, leaf, or other shaped decorations woven into a plain-weave ground material.
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Plate in the face of wooden clubs.
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Advanced Queries
an instruction to the printer for the inclusion of additional copy.
(broadcasting) a local announcement inserted into a network program
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An Insert is an Entity that refers to a Block . An Insert acts like a pointer to a certain Block .
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Insert a template at the specified location
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insert mode
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object model] An internal command to allow the insertion of an object into an association list. #(empty) #(empty)
A term that refers to the placement of images or objects into digital files.
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a special, single case
to put into