Definitions for "Dynaset"
A temporary table that is created when you execute a query. The table contains the values from your query.
A set of records produced by running a query or applying a filter.
A type of Recordset object that returns a dynamic set of pointers to live database data. Like a table- or a snapshot-type Recordset, a dynaset returns data in records (rows) and fields (columns). Unlike a table-type Recordset, a dynaset-type Recordset can be the result of a query that joins two or more tables. The records in a dynaset-type Recordset object are updatable if the Updatable property of the Recordset is True, the Field being changed is updatable, and the data page containing the current record isn't locked. The data page is locked when the Update method is used (when the LockEdits property is False), or the Edit method is used (when the LockEdits property is True). .
Keywords:  view, contents, live, change, allows
a live view of the data
a view that allows you to change its contents