Definitions for "Datasource"
a component that provides for the interaction between DataSets (which includes all BDEDataSets as well as non-BDE DataSets like TADOTable) and data controls, which are the user interface elements for data access
a Dataset that has modification operations
A MailRules Datasource allows you to establish certain details of an Outbound Rule (Recipients, message body and file attachments) from an external source. The external source is either a properly formatted text file, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft Access database table or query.
a factory for Connection objects
a factory for connections to a physical data source
a continuously updated technology product catalog that CNET Channel delivers to its customers each day via an FTP download
an abstraction for media protocol-handlers
an abstraction of a media protocol-handler
Keywords:  xpcom, component
an XPCOM component
a single variable about a target which is polled and logged
This is intended to give a sense of whether these are data from some well-defined sample, more or less random observations, or relatively highly processed data that is not directly related to identifiable observations. The keywords used are: Survey, Observations, Derived
Keywords:  chain, producer
a producer in the data chain
an object, that has some data
an object that provides methods that can be called by the report in obtaining rows of data