Definitions for "Metabase "
Keywords:  iis, metadata, registry, schema, mddbs
Metabase is a DBMS-independent PHP API to access SQL databases. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Access, ODBC, Interbase, Informix, MiniSQL, and SQLite. It can install database schemas defined in a DBMS independent XML format that describe tables, indexes, primary keys, and auto-increment sequences.
A hierarchical store of configuration information and schema that is used to configure IIS. The metabase performs some of the same functions as the system registry, but it uses less disk space. IIS 6.0: In physical terms, the metabase is a combination of the MetaBase.xml and MBSchema.xml files. IIS works from an in-memory metabase that periodically generates the physical files. IIS 5.1 and earlier: In physical terms, the metabase is a binary-formatted file. Also see node. to top node In the IIS metabase: A hierarchical container in the IIS metabase. Each node allows a specific set of properties to be configured at that location or path. For example, at the Web service node, identified by the IIsWebService admin object at the /LM/WSVC path in the metabase, certain properties like AppRoot can be set which affect the IIS Web service. A node is a child of another node if its path includes the path of the parent, for example, /LM/WSVC/1 is a child node of /LM/WSVC. A node in the metabase is also referred to as a key. to top OOP See out-of-process.
Database used exclusively by Internet Information Server (IIS). Composed of metadata in a compressed format. Design is similar to that of the Windows registry.