Definitions for "Registry"
A database-type application used by Microsoft Operating Systems since 1995 to store configuration information. Most Windows applications write information to the registry during installation for use during boot and application startup. WARNING! Incorrect registry modifications have the potential to disable your computer.
(Windows Registry) A database used by the Windows operating system to store system configuration information. Most Windows applications write data to the Registry, at least during installation. You can edit the Registry directly by using the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) provided with the operating system. However, you must take great care because errors in the Registry could disable your computer. Installing programs often requires a reboot (restarting the computer), as the registry is in use and must be written to, to reflect the changes.
The registry database in Windows that contains numerous important settings for the operating system and installed applications. You can edit it, by selecting "Run" in the start menu and then typing "regedit". Caution: Make a backup of the registry before changing anything.
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(Domain Name) An organization responsible for assigning domain names.
Has the exclusive responsibly for maintainence of a centralised registry for its particular TLD. AusRegistry maintains the Root Name Servers for these 2LD's in Australia.
An organization that is responsible for the administration and maintenance to a top level domain.
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a list of families known to be affected by a particular genetic disease
a list of patients presenting with the same characteristic(s)
a list of people
a global directory for the registration of items and parties
A permanent record of all Pinelands Development Credit Certificates issued, sold, conveyed, transferred, encumbered, redeemed, and retired. The PDC Bank maintains the registry.
An entity employed by an issuer whose usual function is to maintain the register of holders and process transfers. (Computershare Investor Services is the registry for Territory Bonds.)
A registry is essentially an account that holds all permits, allowances and other instruments available for compliance under Kyoto. Registries may be held at a number of levels (national or international), with national Governments holding national registries that will be used to hold the national compliance account instruments.
A ship's certificate of registration which does not necessarily indicate any quality of service, safety, nor does it correspond necessarily to the nationality of the crew. The country under whose laws the ship and its owners are obligated to comply, in addition to compliance with the laws of the countries at which the ship calls and/or embarks/disembarks passengers/cargo.
The country in which a vessel is registered. For tax purposes and some regulatory reasons, most cruise ships are registered in foreign countries. The Bahamas, Liberia, and Panama are favorites. Incidentally, if you are wed at sea, your wedding is registered in the nation of your ship's registry.
The department in the College responsible for administering student admissions, records, exams and fees.
This is the office of the Diocesan Registrar who provides legal advice to the Diocese. The office also administers the judicial Faculty process and the Consistory Court. The address is Registry Chambers, The Old Deanery, Dean's Court, London EC4V 5AA. Tel: 020 7593 5110. Email: [email protected]
Individual physical locations of business offices of the Courts Administration Authority throughout South Australia eg Port Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Elizabeth, Adelaide, Coober Pedy.
a remote object that maps names to remote objects
a subset of the names collected by this effort
List of object names and sizes that prevents builders from building with any other objects or over other people's property (encroaching)
an essential element of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation
One of the Software Elements that comprise the basic mechanisms in HAVi to achieve interoperability. Each element provides a certain functionality. The Software Elements that are needed for interoperability between HAVi devices are the the Messaging System, the Registry, the Event Manager, the Resource Manager, the Stream Manager and the DCM.
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an applet within your compe
an applet within your compendium pack of an operating system
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a system that collects, analyzes and interprets data on all new cases of a specific disease or condition for a specified time period and population
See System Registry
One of two land registration systems found in Ontario. Registry is currently being phased out in the province.
A registry is a Tribunal office.
A part of the Tribunal having administrative functions.
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a natural monoply
a Singleton that gives you a place to stash something by key and retrieve it later
an unusual chocolate color, another one sixth is palomino
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a thing you build, and it may be compliant with the UDDI spec
A registry program honors and recognizes owners of outstanding natural areas for their commitment to the protection of unique sites. Registration is voluntary, nonbinding and involves no payment or receipt of funds. It is an agreement that may be canceled by either party at any time.
The OCS Registry is the branch of the Office of Child Support that administers wage withholding for child support. Established in 1990, it is required by law to administer child support payments for all orders subject to wage withholding. The law allows the Registry to charge an administrative fee for certain services.
The entity through which the court receives and disburses money, as in child support payments.
The registry is in charge of a particular extension. For example, Verisign is the registry for .com/.net. Note that registries are regulated by ICANN.
The act of recording or writing in a register; enrollment; registration.
A record; an account; a register.
A place for registering, or a place where official records are kept.
A Message Server abstraction that provides facilities to locate and load particular MTM components.
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an index that takes a collection of keys, typically a pair consisting of an EPackage or java
(Legato Storage Manager Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
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a natural monopoly
a necessary and important tool for registration of new cultivars
An organisation engaged to issue shares authorised by a company.
an organisation which is authorised by a company to issue its shares
A hierarchical attribute-value pair storage.
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See New York State Organ and Tissue Donor Registry
a shared resource, often available in the form of a web-based service that facilitates dynamic business-to-business interactions
a query service for which the response is a structured description of resources
A shared data base of authorized user call signs and gateways.
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See Adoption Registry
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That part of the court where all documents are filed• Civil Courts
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certificate of ownership.
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a part of the Department of Health
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The place where a register is kept.