Definitions for "whois "
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whois supports all protocol extensions with the familiar RIPE command line interface and IPv6 support. It also automagically queries the right registry for all domains and most netblocks.
An Internet directory service, similar to finger, used to look up names of people on a remote server. Most commonly, you use whois to look up domain ownerships and contact addresses. For example, whois would return Volodata's DNS and contact information. Most domain registrars provide a web-based whois service, such as this one, to show the details of the domain's owner and other contacts for administrative and technical matters.
A service providing access to certain databases of network-related information including organisational contacts.
a specific command (analogous to finger in some environments) which returns a name, user ID, and brief identification for a sought person; generalized to denote all commands with a similar function
Is very similar to finger. (8/97)
A command on some systems that tells you the actual name of someone, based on the person's username. You can use whois by way of the World Wide Web. Also See: Finger Windows 95 - An instance of an operating system for the PC that includes a graphical user interface. Introduced in the summer of 1995, it includes built-in support for TCP/IP, the lnternet's networking scheme.
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A word that prefixes "your daddy" to suggest I slept with your mother.
A WinSock client program which look up information about a person located in an electronic index of all/many of the persons in an organization (such as a company, government agency, or university).
An application that will return information on a user.
Is a software application that displays ownership information about a URL.
A program that enables the user to obtain addresses for people.