Definitions for "DNR"
Feature of a buy or sell order instructing a broker not to decrease the limit price on buy-limit and sell-stop orders by the amount of the cash dividend on the ex-dividend date.
do not reduce. Instructions placed on buy limit orders or sell-stop orders that specifies not to adjust downward the limit price on buy-limit and sell-stop orders in response to dividends. When the DNR qualifier is not selected, your buy-limit and sell-stop orders are automatically adjusted on the ex-dividend date.
Do Not Reduce. Instructs the broker not to reduce your limit price by the amount of the cash dividend when a stock goes ex-dividend and the market price is reduced by the amount of the dividend. You can specify DNR on Limit Orders to Buy, Stop Orders to Sell, or on Stop Limit Orders to Sell.
Dynamic Noise Reduction. Similar to Dolby but not as effective.
Abbreviation for Digital Noise Reduction. Leads to an improvement of the image quality. Jitter is diminished.
An abbreviation for Digital Noise Reduction. Also known as "DVNR".
(Domain Name Resolver) - The only real way of connecting to other sites on the internet is to use IP Addresses. Since these numbers are hard for us to remember, domain addresses were invented. A DNR simply takes a domain address, and converts it into it's corresponding IP Address. (i.e. The domain address for this site is WWW.ARCD.COM, but it's IP address is Whenever you enter WWW.ARCD.COM into a program, it gets automatically converted, by the DNR, to
Domain Name Registration. Before you can use a custom domain name for your company, you must first register your name. You may access for a list of certified domain name registrars.
a piece of software living in a Mac's System Folder that helps "resolve" domain names into machine-comprehensible form; you will not know this item exists until something goes wrong with it, in which case you will get the an error message referring to "Domain Name Reslover" (yes, with the picturesque typo there).
The organization most responsible for the extinction of native brook trout in Yooperland. Also known as the Department of No Results.
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DID NOT RUN. A Judges' decision that a hound has no intention of running the lure or refuses to leave the line. This hound will be marked Excused and may not run any more that day.
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Destination on a moto sheet that a rider " id ot ace" in any particular event.
Wa. Dept. of Natural Resources
department of natural resources
Designated non-federal representative (i.e., applicant or agent) designated to prepare BA or conduct "informal consultation" under ESA.