Definitions for "TLD"
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op evel omain. It is the suffix to a domain name. eg of TLD's are .com, .net, .org, .in etc.
The part of a domain name starting with the final "dot": for example, ".com", ".edu" and ".de" are all top-level domain names. (ES:TLD - (Dominio de nivel superior), IT:TLD - (Dominio di primo livello), FR:Domaine de premier niveau)
Top Level Domain. This is the part that follows the domain name. The most popular TLD is ".com" but there are dozens more -- .org, .gov, .net, and .edu in the United States, and a two-letter TLD for every country on the planet, including .us for the United States.
Thermoluminescent dosimeter used to assess exposure to radiation. Uranium.
Thermoluminescent Dosimeters
Thermoluminescent dosimeter - a type of dosimeter.
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Trellix File
Teaching and Leadership Division
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Tag Library Descriptor