Definitions for "Domain name extension"
A section of an address (URL) that tells you the kind of computer on the Internet with which you want to interact. There are a number of recognized domains. In addition to the ones listed above: .com (commercial businesses).edu (educational institutions).gov (government organizations).mil (military organizations).net (network organizations)
that which follows the at sign in an email address. For example, the domain name following @ is the extension that targets the website's unique address on the World Wide Web for email delivery. See the Guide to Effective Email by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood at for more information. Also, It may be worthwhile to see the definition of spoofing in the glossary S-file. definition of domain name extension defined how is a domain name spoofed What is a domain name extension in an email address
Part after the dot in the domain name is a domain name extension. DotZero is an Australian registered domain and so it has a extension. There are many other domain name extensions such as .com .net .org .gov .edu .info and many others.