Definitions for "Host Name"
Each computer is given a name. It typically includes the user name and the organizational owner of the computer. For example ""
A name representing a computer under TCP/IP. A host name either is a domain name or ends in one (examples:, To connect to a directory server, a client program must know either the host name or the IP address of the server's computer.
The name of a particular machine within a domain. The fully qualified host name consists of two parts: the host name and the domain name. For example, is the machine mail in the domain airius. com. Host names must be unique within their domains. Your organization can have multiple machines named mail, as long as the machines reside in different subdomains; for example, and Host names always map to a specific IP address. See also domain name, fully-qualified domain name, and IP address.
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Adding a Workgroup
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This can be both the information after the @ in an email address and the address you would need to telnet to a remote location. Example:
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See network location.