Definitions for "Name Server"
Keywords:  dns, translate, resolve, query, host
A computer that supplies an IP number when given Internet machine name. UF has several name servers. Each University has its own name serving computers. When we want to connect to a machine at another University, our server queries the UF name server (using BIND) and the UF name server queries the remote name server. Eventually an IP number is passed back along the chain to the user's program.
Any computer machine used to perform a name-to-address mapping. (ES:Servidor de Nombres, FR:Serveur de noms)
A name server translates domain names into IP addresses. This makes it ...
a natural consequence of working with digital biological publications because this name impediment is universal
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a program that you run on a few of your systems to keep track of names
Keywords:  maps, association, objects, closed
an association of "names" with Closed Maps or Objects
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a computer that can be accessed from the world wide web