Definitions for "Universal"
A general abstract conception, so called from being universally applicable to, or predicable of, each individual or species contained under it.
The abstract character exemplified in all particular things of the same type, believed to have real existence independently of particular things according to Plato and other realists. Synonymous with "form" or "idea" in Platonic realism. Cf. Particulars
Term often used in psychology to refer to those thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that apply to us all. Universal abilities are innate. This means that they come to us by way of genetic inheritance. If something is innate it usually has a high survival value for us. This is the reason it is innate in the first place! Universal abilities include such things as the Fight or Flight response.
a grand and macro principle, a sweeping statement to gloss over a lot of differences in the local accounts
a grand and macro principle or theory
a grand principle, a sweeping statement designed to gloss over differences in other accounts
Of or pertaining to the universe; extending to, including, or affecting, the whole number, quantity, or space; unlimited; general; all-reaching; all-pervading; as, universal ruin; universal good; universal benevolence or benefice.
Constituting or considered as a whole; total; entire; whole; as, the universal world.
Forming the whole of a genus; relatively unlimited in extension; affirmed or denied of the whole of a subject; as, a universal proposition; -- opposed to particular; e. g. (universal affirmative) All men are animals; (universal negative) No men are omniscient.
a major hit Rock And Roll had
Universal was an Australian based boy band, from the 1990s. They released 3 singles on London Records, with Rock Me Good and Make It Good both entering the UK top 40. When the third single failed to make in impact, the band called it a day.
Universal is Yfriday's fourth and newest album. Released on the 31st March to Ixth Hour event in Newcastle having played many of the songs in previous concerts.
of worldwide scope or applicability; "an issue of cosmopolitan import"; "the shrewdest political and ecumenical comment of our time"- Christopher Morley; "universal experience"
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A URL is an address on the World Wide Web. You can go to any page on the Web by typing in its URL. For example, to go to the homepage of the Virtual-U at Simon Fraser University, you would type the URL:
One of the three orientations where energy is oriented toward relating with the universal or transpersonal. The universal signs are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces and the universal houses are the 9th through 12th houses.
A Universal monitor will begin power management from either DPMS signals or a completely blank screen (typically generated by a properly configured screensaver program) and so can be used on a PC not designed for power management.
veil membrane completely enclosing a young sporocarp.
coupling that connects two rotating shafts allowing freedom of movement in all directions; "in motor vehicles a universal joint allows the driveshaft to move up and down as the vehicle passes over bumps"
a direct influence on the country but
a one piece drive shaft that connects the dogbone and axle into one piece
Universal (, ) is a historic term that means an official proclamation or legal act. In several historic periods Universals were issued by the Polish and Ukrainian authorities. The name originates from Latin litterae universales, meaning universal publication directed to all.
In metaphysics, a universal is a type, a property, or a relation. The noun universal contrasts with individual, while the adjective universal contrasts with particular or sometimes with concrete. The latter meaning, however, may be confusing since Hegelian and neo-Hegelian (e.g.
This device is compatible with almost all the different brands of television sets and has the ability to control audio components in addition to the receiver. Some are programmed by punching in a code identifies your components to the remote, and some are "taught" the functions by placing the Universal remote and the component's original remote head-to-head.
a service provider specialised in fighting the faking of branded products (counterfeiting) and products protected by copyrights and related rights (piracy) in the Middle East
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A term used to describe a lock, a door closer or other device that can be used on doors of any hand without change.
Description of a lock, door closer, or other device that can be used on doors of any hand without change.
Refers to the capability of fitting with or working with a wide variety of laptop computer models.
Common name for a plain track that accepts a wide range of line voltage reflectorized lamps.
a work applied to certain pieces of furniture in the 19th Century having some special versatility. For example, an extending table, an adjustable easy chair or a clock dial that shows the time throughout the world would be universal.
a faithful reproduction of music which groups
a precise specification for their music for
Refers to the application of human rights to all people everywhere regardless of any distinction.
Adapted or adaptable to all or to various uses, shapes, sizes, etc.; as, a universal milling machine.
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Universal operating position - Vertical
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That which is common to all members of a class.
a such , but not a this