Definitions for "cosmology"
The branch of science or philosophy dealing with the origin and nature of the universe as a whole.
the branch of metaphysics speculating on the structure and nature of the most fundamental parts of the system of creation, such as space and time, the elements of bodies, the structure of the universe, the modifications of material things, causality, the laws of motion, and the order and course of nature.
the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and structure of the universe, including the evolution of its present observable structure, using the methods of observational astronomy as well as mathematical physics.
cosmology: a theoretical map, so to speak, of how Creation is organized and structured by GOD! Given that all that exists is the eternal now and all of life is multi-dimensional, all cosmologies are only sketches of how things work, but can be very helpful.
a map of reality, an entire world view, so as you work with a tool like the tarot, you are apprenticing yourself to this system for a time
Theoretical model which describes a person’s world view that can include non-physical energies and beings that influence reality.
a philosophical statement finding harmonic order in the seemingly chaotic complex of worldly particulars
Eastern mysticism, Hinduism and Buddhism; • the third eye.
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Another word for worldview. It describes how people look at and seek to interpret the world around them.
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a story that tells us where we came from and, more importantly, how we are to live