Definitions for "Subjects"
members of a population who participate in a study.
See: Human Subjects.
Those people who participate in a research study. Research subjects are also referred to as participants or study participants.
Unresolved items which prevent confirmation of a deal. Tanker chartering and oil trading both involve negotiations which conclude “subject to” removal of some exception. A charterer might fix a ship subject to stem confirmation or subject management approval of buyer's credit.
(of hypnosis): the term used by many to describe a person who is in hypnosis (NOTE: the word "client" is used with increasing frequency by Hypnotherapists).
one of two main components of a sentence, are nouns, pronouns, or phrases used as nouns, e.g., Choosing the right ISP can be a difficult process.
In computer programming, subjects are a way to separate concerns. For example, in a Shape class with two methods Draw() and Move(), each method would be considered a subject.
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A group of one or more subjects