Definitions for "Group"
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(n) The pattern of arrows on the target. (v) To shoot three arrows on the target.
A series of consecutive shots fired at the same aiming point without changing the sight adjustments of the firearm.
The pattern of arrows shot on target during an end.
a collection of two or more persons who interact and have mutual influence on each other. (612)
A collection of users who have similar needs. Groups simplify the administration of shared resources.
a collection of users who have protected access to their resources.
two or more individuals sharing a set of beliefs, values, and behavioral patterns; see reference group.
Set of covalently linked atoms, such as a hydroxyl group ( - OH) or an amino group ( - NH), the chemical behavior of which is well characterized.
A set of rows in a result set that have one or more field values in common.
Two or more X10 or other PLC modules that are set to the same house and unit code do that they can be triggered by the same command. You might want to group front and back porch lights together for example.
is The British Land Company PLC and its subsidiaries excluding any share of joint venture profits or assets.
The Company and its subsidiaries after Admission.
A cluster, crowd, or throng; an assemblage, either of persons or things, collected without any regular form or arrangement; as, a group of men or of trees; a group of isles.
An assemblage of objects in a certain order or relation, or having some resemblance or common characteristic; as, groups of strata.
A variously limited assemblage of animals or plants, having some resemblance, or common characteristics in form or structure. The term has different uses, and may be made to include certain species of a genus, or a whole genus, or certain genera, or even several orders.
The fixture protruding from the front of most espresso machines into which the portafilter and filter clamp.
The metal brewing chamber on an espresso machine which holds the portafilter where espresso is extracted from the coffee beans.
An espresso machine's brewing chamber, comprising the group head and the portafilter.
Groups are established to divide the incident into functional areas of operation. Groups are composed of resources assembled to perform a special function not necessarily within a single geographic division. Groups, when activated, are located between branches and resources in the operations section. see also: Division
A set of fields and/or groups that are to be treated as having a unifying relationship.
Two or more records assembled together or having some unifying relationship.  In Keep In Touch, Groups are organized by Categories, allowing for a structured and efficient way to access information.
Either a synonym for chain or used to refer to several chains considered together that co-operate or that could be trivially connected.[ edit
Section 13(d) of the 1934 ACT defines a GROUP as persons who have agreed to act together "for the purpose of acquiring, holding, voting, or disposing" of equity securities.
A polyvalent atom (ligancy =2) in a molecule, together with all its ligands (Benson, 1976).
A ‘group’ can be formed of members who represent parties with fewer than five seats in the Parliament, or of members who do not represent a political party. It is entitled to nominate a representative as a member of the Parliamentary Bureau, and to be allocated some of the time (15 half sitting days per Parliamentary Year) set for non-Executive business.
Each competing band is classified according to how many band proper members there are. The classifications are divided into groups, and a band only competes against other bands in their group size. Egg Harbor Township High School is moving up to TOB Group 3 in 2003. TOB Group sizes Group 1 up to 35 musicians and a maximum of 35 auxiliary Group 2 36 to 55 musicians and a maximum of 55 auxiliary Group 3 56 to 80 musicians and a maximum of 80 auxiliary Group 4 81 or greater musicians musicians and auxiliary USBBA Group sizes
Subscribers eligible for benefits because they work for the same company or are members of a union, association, or other organization.
The major lithostratigraphic unit next higher in rank than a formation; a group consists of two or more associated and adjoining formations having significant lithologic features in common.
A grouping of formations used in stratigraphy.
An association of people united by a common interest. Each group can have any number of Parent Groups and any number of Child Groups
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On larger mixers a group is several channels of audio that are on one bus or controlled by a group master.
A collection of channels or faders on a mixing console whose output level can be controlled by a single master slider.
1) A number of channels or faders that can be controlled by one Master VCA slide. 2) A shortening of the term Recording Group (a buss or the signal present on a buss).
A vertical column of the periodic table; a family of elements; also, A characteristic part of a molecule.
A substructure that imparts characteristic chemical behaviors to a molecule, for example, a carboxylic acid group. (also: functional group). A vertical column on the periodic table, for example, the halogens. Elements that belong to the same group usually show chemical similarities, although the element at the top of the group is usually atypical.
A vertical coulmn, or family, of elements in the periodic table.
One or more selection widgets ( radio button, check box, list box, and toggle button) that are functionally connected - therefore, the widgets function as a group. The group has properties that define its entry/exit/validation behavior and tabbing order. Also, the set of widgets that make up a table view.
(sheets) Selecting several worksheets at once groups the sheets, shown by the sheet tabs turning white. Actions done to one sheet are done to all sheets in the group.
n/a A label/data group is a collection of label/data pairs and combinations. (Note: This type of group is not the same as a radio or check box group.) no Content Layout Templates: Page Layout of Standard Web Widgets
a high-level organisational grouping of functions and activities used by the Defence Executive as its primary management grouping ( see Chapter One - Corporate Governance for more information).
A high-level organisational grouping of functions and activities used by the Defence Executive as its primary management grouping (eg the Capability Development Group)
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Insurance organization made up of those plan enrollees who share a common relationship like employment or membership.
refers to two or more people who share some common identification and have social contact and interaction.
The group of a fax device describes the method it uses to communicate with other fax devices (e.g. over the telephone PSTN). The most common group is Group III.
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Clicking on the button with the Left Mouse Button allows you to put the selected polygons into a common group so that selecting one polygon selects all polygons of the same group. The polygons do not have to be touching. If you know all of certain polygons on an aircraft will be the same color or texture, you might wish to group them to make editing changes on them all an easier process. Clicking on the button with the Right Mouse Button ungroups the selected polygons. The numerical button determines what "level" the polygons are grouped at, allowing polygons to belong to different groups simultaneously, depending on the active level. Clicking on the button with the Left Mouse Button moves the level up; the Right Mouse Button moves the level down.
That subset of corporate personnel that the FileMaker developer is just never quite cool enough to belong to. "Hey fellas, want to see this cool unstored calculation?"
Select display devices that display the same content. A player must belong to a group and a player can only belong to one group.
The number of pupils and their ages determine the school's unit total according to a formula laid down by the School Teacher's Pay and Conditions Circular 1999. This total determines the group number of the school which is used as the basis for deciding Headteachers' and Deputy Heads' salaries.
A "Group" in the context of SSTN refers to a pupil or class "Desktop". In primary schools, a Group would be a whole class of children working together on a single class project and accessing their Group Desktop by the teacher logging on for them at school. If it is a Higher Still Group Desktop, then an individual pupil would access this either in school or at home, as they are given their login details by their teacher.
The RAF formation into which the Commands are divided. The Group, in turn, is subdivided into Wings and the Wings into Squadrons.
This command is used to select the newsgroup that is to be read. The name of the newsgroup follows the command. GROUP will select the newsgroup so that commands such as ARTICLE, HEAD, and BODY will know what newsgroup to look at.
To temporarily group all currently selected objects into a single object within a picture. To group objects, choose the Group command on the Arrange menu.
The employer (such as Northrop Grumman), union, trust, association. or organization through which you and your dependents are entitled to benefit coverage.
In insurance it is a company or organization that the employees are covered by the employer.
The Employer or party that has entered into an Agreement with the Plan.
A group is a special part of your site, dedicated to a special interest area of your organization. It behaves much like a mini-site within a site. Your members can join a given group and participate in it. Each group has its own front-page, forums, photo galleries, chat areas and more. You can create an unlimited number of these under the "Subgroups" item of your Features menu.
or Community The terms Group and Community are used interchangeably at mc². Each group has a range of features: a chat room, forum, guestbook etc.
In modern rallying, there are two important groups. First is Group N, which contains all cars that in effect are close to production cars. These cars can be modified only very little (like removing rear seats). Group A contains all purpose-built rally cars. Even cars constructed under World Rally Car -rules are classified as Group A -cars, contrary to the common belief. In the 1980's FIA also had famous Group B, which was in effect for prototype cars. That was cancelled after series of fatalitites at the end of 1986.
A system of classifying affiliates according to affiliate site type, or according to the kind of customer traffic a site generates - for example, Mac users, baseball sites, Top 10%, etc. Merchants can use groups to extend promotions or links, or to send email or newsletters, to an entire affiliate group rather than to many individual affiliates.
In MPORT, Merchants can create groups as a method of sorting Affiliates. For example, the group can include Affiliates from one state, all one type of sites, only sites that do email marketing, etc. Typically, Groups are created for reporting purposes. When Affiliates sign up, they are added to the MPORT default group.
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A further breakdown of class of accounts. Nine different groups within each account class are available in the General Ledger System. (See Class of Account.)
The sub-account within the school's main ASB Food Services Account. Further identifies the ala carte item as sold during lunch, breakfast, snack bar, office, etc.
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Two or more objects frozen in relation to each other. Groups rotate, reflect, scale, skew, and move as a unit.
The DNS/DHCP Group object is a standard eDirectory group object. The DNS and DHCP servers gain the rights to DNS and DHCP data within the tree through the Group object.
The skill of identifying objects according to characteristics.
Depending on the number of entries in one category, competitors may compete in one group only (usually up to 15 participants) or in more groups (Groups C, B and A). The allocation of athletes into the various groups is done according to the level of their estimated performance (qualification totals), with Group A being the strongest. Each group's competition consists of Snatch and Clean & Jerk and each one is a final, with the results of all the groups within one category being combined and ranked at the end.
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Spots that are circled or separated from the other spots marked on a keno ticket.
Set of numbers that the player has circled to show they are to be seen as an individual way on the ticket (see 'Way').
A number of eighth, sixteenth, etc., notes joined at the stems; -- sometimes rather indefinitely applied to any ornament made up of a few short notes.
An association of players, smaller and more temporary than a guild, possessing its own method of organization and communication. - To join or form a group.
Two or more people who have the desire to stop eating compulsively and who meet to practice the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. Also known as a meeting or meeting group.
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Typically, this is where GFE's hang out.
A number of ships and/or aircraft, normally a subdivision of a force, assigned for a specific purpose.
A set of tasks assigned a common symbolic name, for addressing purposes.
A collection of Students assigned to a specific Manager. Groups are simply a mechanism to organize sets of Students. Students cannot belong to more than one group.
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Includes girls who participate in specific, short- or long-term interest areas of Girl Scout activities or events such as careers, arts, sports or camp. Is an alternate form of organizing Girl Scouts other than through troops. Groups can contain several Girl Scout age levels.
RealJukebox's method for organizing tracks in the Music Library: by Genre, Artist, Album, etc.
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Senses deemed similar by the cousin, sister or twin relations.
a group counseling time that occurs twice a week where we talk about ourselves and solve conflicts with others.
(Oracle Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide)
(Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide; search in this book)
Grouping of products based on species eg. Ash species. Group is used for licensing purposes when the precise type of produce is not known. Forestry Victoria
Clients are organized into groups, mostly for statistical purposes.
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Groups are the top level of the hierarchy used to organize data forms. Under each group, the next level is the types of experiments performed in that particular group (lab). The next level is the names of the researchers who have done experiments.
A hierarchy of Groups is attached to a Zone below the Zone root. A Group defines the transform for a node in the scene graph. class, P01, P02
(of companies) All companies that share the same parent or holding company and those other associated companies of the holding company
ThyssenKrupp AG and all companies controlled by ThyssenKrupp AG. Under normal circumstances, it is assumed that one company controls another if it holds an interest of more than 50% and thus has more than 50% of the voting rights in the other company.
The group has responsibility to nurture individuality.
contains a number of unitary texts or groups of texts.
Number Groups programmed in One Touch and/or Speed Dial numbers for broadcasting.
A client for which Benesight supplies claim processing, customer service and other benefit administration functions.
The legal entity that has contracted with a MAMSI health plan, which offers benefits to the group's employees and their dependents.
Land Access Ministerial Reference Group
A number of used which perform similar task and require similar security access to the system can be placed in a group.
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Alias used for House
A subdivision, permanent or optional, of a lighting board control preset, or a sound desk.
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Breeds "grouped" by usage and type Tell me more
A broader classification than variety, usually applied to color groupings.
Lists of materials of similar explosion hazard.
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A group is any number of records considered an entity, grouped by some quality. Groups are for sorting and consolidating records with equal properties. Typically a group is composed of database fields with the same values.
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the introduction of a parent block for one or more blocks.
Insurance - Group Insurance is usually provided through a business. Coverage can be anything from health insurance to life insurance. One benefit of group coverage is that there is usually not a medical requirement to obtain the coverage.
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See cooperative group.
An Act feature. Act allows its contacts to be separated into groups so that you can work with just part of the database instead of all of it.
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See node group.
a software feature you use to arrange several items in a drawing into one group
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Students can form groups and hand in solutions as a group.
A group represents a specific level of agents in a department. An example would be a "Level 1" support department.
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See time series group.
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More than two people involved in any form of sexual activity.