Definitions for "User role"
A user role is a set of permissions. Roles are typically defined to include related permissions, and usually correspond to some real-world role; for example the Registrar role would be defined to include those permissions, such as the permission to create enrollments, that real-world registrars need in order to perform their work. In LearningSpace, a user role was known as a user profile, a term that now has a different usage. Back to top of glossary
ExtraView is a "role-based" system. This means that individual users exist as members of user groups, which are defined by their profile, or total set of system privileges. Users may belong to more than one group, and thus may play more than one role. Common roles include: Administrator, Engineer, QA, and Guest.
a combination of user privileges that can be granted to a user
a particular kind of relationship between some users and a system