Definitions for "Rôle"
A part, or character, performed by an actor in a drama; hence, a part of function taken or assumed by any one; as, he has now taken the rôle of philanthropist.
a statement of the way in which one Term may serves as an actor (another Term) through its interactions with its environment. For example, "a customer may be buyer in a contract". (or, a seller in, the recipient of, etc.) See Chapter 4
elementary dialectic valence of an actor. Each function confers a role to each of the actors participating in that function.
In drama, assuming the perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs of another; to put oneself "in another's shoes" in order to understand that person's point of view. In dance, the function or position of an individual within a dance (e.g., in relation to gender, status, age, leader and follower).
a clustering of attitudes that refer to or are invoked in the same situation and that have the same goal
Assuming the perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs of another in a drama; to put oneself in another¹s shoes in order to understand another¹s point of view.
A set of responsibilities, activities and authorisations.
a set of behavioral expectations appropriate to an individual's social position.
a comprehensive pattern of behaviour that is socially recognized, providing a means of
Character in a play or dramatic activity.
a word or phrase written where a link meets an box indicating the part played by the class in the relationship indicated by the link. See rolename.
what part something plays, how it works, especially in co-operation with others
Responsibility of an object within the organised structure of collaborating objects. source: EU-P103 domain: Information Model usage: EU-P103
what something is used for; "the function of an auger is to bore holes"; "ballet is beautiful but what use is it?"
a data value or set of data values which indicates which piece in a lump provides the currently required functionality
a class that defines a normative behavioral repertoire of an agent
a constituent element of a structured class that represents the appearance of an instance (or, possibly, set of instances) within the context defined by the structured class
a job function within the context of an organization
a skill or job description definition
a gestalt or whole that organizes many related as well as independent sequences of behaviors, acts, skills, and the like
a named collection of skills
an excellent opportunity to join a global company enjoying enormous success and growth
an excellent way to enter the pharmaceutical industry
a specific type of Principal
type of watcher, such as owner, requestor, Cc, and AdminCC.
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a project we're working on (not really projectA
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a game object with either a valid scid or goid
an association between an object and a method that applies to it that is similar to a slot, but not directly a slot as it is in Self
a mosaic made up of gestures, glances, costume designs, to say nothing of the voice colorings
Content Manager
an integral part of the study team, and relied upon to ensure the management of the logistics of the clinical trial
a seasoned Business Development Manager or Salesperson who feels comfortable tackling a wide variety of opportunities and challenges
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See toolbox.
A placeholder for ontology entities that is used in general algorithms and strategies.
all of the ways in which organisms interact with the biotic components of their community and the abiotic factors in their environment
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(WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
(Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide; search in this book)
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a particular SAML service
a declared focus or strategic position within the 'world' described by a vision; emphasis on the conceptual or mental and, to a lesser extent, the emotional dimensions of purpose, contrasted with goal, mission and vision
a position in life that you take
a position within an organization.
System Administrator
School Administrator
a high-level Sybase authorisation to act in a specific capacity for administration purposes
a critical resource for his/her assigned Account/Sales Team, furthering the NetApp partner relationship, and in helping to increase sales by coordinating support activities for the account by elevating the Total Customer Experience
a definite plus
a performance that includes definitions forappropriate behavior in a specific situation
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Unit's primary use (ex. infantry)
a description of the processing entities that can and are allowed to perform a specific task
a function, responsibility or task that a particular person can play or carry out
a set of responsibilities and associated tasks for the purpose of accomplishing a part of the work
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a specific job, such as facilitator or note taker
a binary predicate that represents a relationship between two individuals, as with age
a relationship between individuals, and is also used to store simple attributes of individuals
a practical necessity for some products
a way of expressing an organizational responsibility that can be directly used at the technological level within a computer system
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a key source of product assurance in RAMP
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a member of the I
the part which a player assumes for a game. May also be used when referring to the specific duties of a GM, cast or crew member within the game.
a generic interface of the connector intended to be tied to a component interface
a targeted, limited interface into a general application
a main activity or two that you are charged with undertaking
a collection of activities that describe a certain work area
a collection of activities that the employee can have within the company
a named collection of policies
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Research On Learning in Education
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See site group.