Definitions for "mud"
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Multi-User Dimension. See the above description of MOOs. MUDs are a simpler version of MOOs, and are purely text-based.
ulti ser imension or Dungeon] A (usually text-based) multiuser simulated environment. Many of the early ones developed out of multiuser games and purely social interaction; it is currently being used as a distance education instructional environment. MUDs tend to grow by adding "rooms" and "objects," created both by "owners" and users.
Multi-User Dungeon (or Multi-User Domain.) An online role-playing environment shared by multiple users across the Internet.
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See Drilling Fluids
Mud is a liquid made up of many different chemicals (mainly clay) which can be water or oil based. By circulation in the well during drilling, mud: cools the drilling bit, removes cuttings from the bottom of the hole, prevents the hole behind the bit from caving in, prevents the intrusion of water, gas or oil into the hole until it is completed with steel piping, prevents oil or other hydrocarbon fluids from flowing back, out of the reservoir.
Clays and silts mixed with water into a viscous fluid.
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Matched Unrelated Donor (BMT)
Matched unrelated donor. A bone marrow donor whose HLA matches the patients, but who is not related to the patient. Most transplant patients do not find donors from within their own families and must rely on strangers. Learn more.
Matched Unrelated Donor. Matched unrelated donor, also referred as URD (unrelated donor).
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Tile-setter's term for mortar applied in a setting bed.
a slang term referring to thick-bed mortar consisting of sand and cement.
Slag term for mortar.
Dreams of mud are omens of good luck.
To dream that you walk in mud, denotes that you will have cause to lose confidence in friendships, and there will be losses and disturbances in family circles. To see others walking in mud, ugly rumors will reach you of some friend or employee. To the farmer, this dream is significant of short crops and unsatisfactory gains from stock. To see mud on your clothing, your reputation is being assailed. To scrape it off, signifies that you will escape the calumny of enemies.
Modello Unico Dichiarazione ambientale
Rainbow Coffee. Often made `Field Style' with grounds in the bottom of the pot. A splash of cold water before serving helps sink any floating grounds. Grounds often get reincarnated for future pots.
A commercial substance used to help leader break through the surface tension of the water and sink.
Indicates unknown RWR ground threat displayed; followed normally by clock position.
Material to be filtered. Also referred to as concentrate, feed, influent, intake, liquor, prefilt, pulp, slimes or sludge.
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To make muddy or turbid.
Multibuyer policy Multicurrency clause
A gooey brown substance that covers much of the Belgian countryside for most of the year.
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slanderous remarks or charges
Fine sedimentary material, typically comprising both inorganic (mineral) and organic material.
Particles in sedimentary rocks that are less than 0.03 mm in diameter.
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soil with mud, muck, or mire; "The child mucked up his shirt while playing ball in the garden"
A defective derivative of phage Mu. Mud insertions are commonly used to construct operon and gene fusions in enteric bacteria.
Multiplatform Unit Distributor -This framework allows for automated build and deployments. This application will be the glue code between development builds and their deployment. A content management repository will be used to store software assets.
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To bury in mud.
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Mud was an English glam rock band formed in 1968, best remembered for their single "Tiger Feet" which was the UK's best-selling single in 1974.
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plaster with mud
Aerial fire retardant dropped by aircraft. Also called retardant or slurry.
1) A specific type of oil based antiquing medium. 2) A term referring to colors that have been over blended resulting in a "muddy" look.
is the suspension of minerals and chemicals in oil or water which forms the well circulatory system.
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(Base) See also insert molding A Master Unit Die (MUD) tool is a set of premade bases that industry-wide standard inserts fit into and can be used like traditional injection molds. Using a MUD cuts cost and speeds fabrication.
A term frequently used to designate plastic lining materials. See Daubing.
Municipal Utilities Department
See Municipal Utility District
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acronym for Middle-Up-Down; the lead of the middle card from three low cards.
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An informal term for joint compound.