Definitions for "Sodium silicate"
a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution; used as a cement or as a protective coating and to preserve eggs
A grey-white powder soluble in alkali and water, insoluble in alcohol and acid. Used to fireproof textiles, in petroleum refining and corrugated paperboard manufacture, and as an egg preservative. Also referred to as liquid gas, silicate of soda, sodium metasilicate, soluble glass, and water glass.
Used to deflocculate or suspend clay particles in water for casting. Hey ! wanna make it ? Sodium silicate is 1 part soda to 3.3 parts silica. Careful, don't add too much. It may form to a geletinous state. This state is called "thixotropy." Good luck
Catalyst for soaps and detergents. Sodium Xylenesulfonate- Water softener used in detergents.
Can be corrosive .Can cause burns to the eyes and tissue damage to the skin, as well as cause burns to the mouth, throat, and stomach if swallowed. Used in some automatic dishwashing detergents and car interior and exterior cleaners and protectants.