Definitions for "Alkaline"
Anything having a pH balance above 7
This is a water condition in your aquarium. Hydr oxide ions in the water makes it more alkaline.
Describing a chemical substance that is either a hydroxide, carbonate, or metal oxide that has the ability to turn litmus paper blue, and the ability to react with acids to form salts.
Zinc-Manganese Dioxide, primary cells. Widely available, superior to Zinc-Carbon batteries. Some types can be recharged a limited number of times.
A battery technology used in personal cellular telephones.
A primary battery (non-rechargeable) often used in electronic applications like kids toys, cd players, radios, PDA's, etc.. All alkaline batteries have a voltage of 1.5 volts.
Of or pertaining to an alkali or to alkalies; having the properties of an alkali.
A term for an igneous rock which is rich in sodium and potassium.
a term applied to rocks which have high sodium or potassium.
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Hemobilia Phosphorylase
Immunotoxin Preoperative
Immunotherapy Plasmapheresis
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Folate Papillomavirus
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A coffee taste sensation caused by the presence of alkaloid compounds. It is characterized by a dry sensation at the back of the tongue.
A dry, scratching sensation at the back of the tongue caused by alkaline and phenolic compounds that have bitter but not necessarily disagreeable tastes. An alkaline taste is mostly characteristic of dark roasts and some Indonesian coffees.
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Glycine Polypeptide
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Granulocyte Prenatal
Gastrointestinal Percutaneous
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Having a pH higher than 7 on a scale of 1 to 14.
A water condition which has a pH higher than 7.0.
a term used to describe substances that have a value higher than 7 on the pH scale.
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Fluorescence Peptic
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Fibrosis Pelvic
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Glucose Pharmacologic
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Freezing Point Oxetane
Glycoproteins Prostatitis
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Humoral Prevalence
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Grading Pelvis
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Having a pH of 9 or more. Highly alkaline solutions have a pH of 12.5 or more and are corrosive.
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Feces Poisoning
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Acting like a base; having a pH of more than 7.
tending to form a base, having a pH of more than 7
having the properties of an alkali, specifically acting as a base.
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increases pH level of skin
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containing or having the properties of an alkali metal