Definitions for "Lithium"
A metallic element of the alkaline group, occurring in several minerals, as petalite, spodumene, lepidolite, triphylite, etc., and otherwise widely disseminated, though in small quantities.
(Li) Li. Element 3, atomic weight 6.939. The lightest alkali metal, used in special-purpose metal alloys and other industrial applications.
An element of the alkali metal group that is the lightest metal known and never found uncombined in nature. It is not considered an alkali in cement and concrete terminology. Has been shown to control ASR when added to mortar and concrete as a salt.
A psychotropic medication used to treat bipolar disorder. go to glossary index
A metal commonly used in oral antidepressants to treat manic depression. Lithium has been known to interfere with the production of thyroid hormone and can cause goiter.
A mineral salt used to treat bipolar disorders chap07mcw.htm
"Lithium" is a song by the grunge band Nirvana. It originally appeared on and was the third single from their breakthrough album Nevermind. The lyrics were written by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.
"Lithium" is the second single from Evanescence's sophomore studio album The Open Door.
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The third element in the periodic table, lithium has three protons and either three (6Li) or four (7Li) neutrons. The isotope 6Li provides the source of tritium for fusion power plants. For more information on lithium see the Los Alamos periodic table
Element added to the core of a certain balls to promote feel and/or durability. The covers of these balls may be labeled as “lithium surlyn” or “lithium balata.
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