Definitions for "Batteries"
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Remote controls can use either standard AA and AAA batteries or include a custom rechargeable pack. Battery life is determined by many factors, including backlighting, LCD screen, the amount of use and signal strength. The average battery life for an all-hard button remote control is greater than one year, while backlit LCD models may go anywhere from several weeks to several months. See also: battery type, memory backup, rechargeable, LCD screen, backlight.
Digital camera batteries include: Nickle cadmium (NiCad) rechargeable batteries. They use an alkaline electrolyte, have a longer life than non-rechargeable and have memory. A nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery lasts longer than a NiCad and has no memory. Lithium ion batteries are more costly than the NiCad or NiMH, but hold a charge much longer.
Types of batteries for wireless or cellular phones listed below illustrate some of their advantages and disadvantages. Most cellphone handset units will accept a "standard" or "extended" battery, with additional output of the extended adding to the length of time the battery will power the handset. Battery types NiCad or NiCd means Nickel Cadmium. Nimh refers to Nickel Metal Hydride. Li is for Lithium. Most cell phones manufactured today are equipped with lithium batteries. Thers are far superior to the older and less expensive ni cad batteries. Here are their distinguishing characteristics
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Most CDMA mobile stations are powered by an internal battery.
All cellular phones need a battery to operate. Most mobile phone handset units will accept a "standard" or "extended" battery, with additional output of the extended adding to the length of time the battery will power the handset.
Units that cannot afford the extra weight of an APU use Batteries. Batteries are also used for units that just need a bit of extra power for weapons or defenses. Batteries can be charged by as many Kriegs as you have available at the end of your turn, up to the maximum of the battery. They may also be completely drained in one shot, if needed.
Two or more electrochemical cells, electrically interconnected, each of which contains two electrodes and an electrolyte. The redox (oxidation-reduction) reactions that occur at these electrodes convert electrochemical energy into electrical energy. In everyday usage, 'battery' is also used to refer to a single cell.
A DC voltage source made up of one or more cells that convert chemical energy into electrical power. The combination of several cells is more correctly referred to as the battery (singular). The cells themselves are sometimes erroneously referred to as batteries.
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There are two batteries the can 01 use. Every 01 has an internal battery mounted on the main circuit board. Click here for details. The PROG/SEQ DATA card has its own battery. Click here for details.
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a sure fire way to know your camera is always ready for the next shot
the power source for the camera's electronic features
An energy source used for most cameras.
If operator is equipped with optional DC backup system, check the batteries for any leakage or loose connections. Batteries should be replaced every two years.
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Most GPS devices use some sort of battery. AA is commonly used, although many systems are now using specialized batteries specific to one device.
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