Definitions for "Electrolyte"
A compound decomposable, or subjected to decomposition, by an electric current.
A substance that dissociates fully or partially into ions when dissolved in a solvent, producing a solution that conducts electricity. See strong electrolyte, weak electrolyte.
a substance that forms ions when dissolved in water.
Mental Toxicology
Overdose Toxicology
Overdose Trisomy
Microorganism Vaccine
Ocular Uterus
Ocular Vaccine
Keywords:  thromboembolism
Keywords:  nephrotic, urology
Nephrotic Urology
Keywords:  myopathy
Keywords:  virulence, osmotic
Osmotic Virulence
Keywords:  nephrology, ulceration
Nephrology Ulceration
Keywords:  neutrophils, tumour
Neutrophils Tumour
Keywords:  vagal, nausea
Nausea Vagal
Keywords:  nucleocapsid, withdrawal
Nucleocapsid Withdrawal
Keywords:  vegetarianism, nitrogen, vein
Nitrogen Vein
Nitrogen Vegetarianism
Keywords:  niacin, viruses
Niacin Viruses
Keywords:  neoplasms, urinary
Neoplasms Urinary
Keywords:  vesicant, molecular, weight
Molecular Weight Vesicant
Keywords:  neural
Keywords:  toxicity
Keywords:  orbital, vaginitis
Orbital Vaginitis
Keywords:  role, big, plays, functions, charge
an electrical charge which plays a big role in how the body functions