Definitions for "BASE"
or "nitrogenous base" - nitrogen-containing molecules present in DNA and RNA: adenine (A), guanine (G), thymine(T), cytosine (C), and uracil (U), which occurs in RNA instead of thymine.
One of the molecules that form DNA and RNA molecules. See also: nucleotide, base pair, base sequence
In biochemistry, one of the four chemical structures made up of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen molecules in the DNA molecule (adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine). In the RNA molecule, thymine is replaced by uracil.
The positive, or non-acid component of a salt; a substance which, combined with an acid, neutralizes the latter and forms a salt; -- applied also to the hydroxides of the positive elements or radicals, and to certain organic bodies resembling them in their property of forming salts with acids.
The chief ingredient in a compound.
A substance used as a mordant.
Refers to the beginning of a sequence or the radix of a number.
(1) The region of a bipolar transistor that separates the emitter and collector regions. Majority carriers injected into the base from an external source controls the amount of current that flows in the emitter and collector regions. (2) An insulating support for the printed circuit pattern. It may be of flexible or rigid material.
Refers to the number of digits in a numbering system. For example, the decimal numbering system is said to be base-10. May also be referred to as the "radix".
In microform records, a transparent plastic material, such as cellulose triacetate or polyester, on which a photographic emulsion or other material may be placed. See also CELLULOSE TRIACETATE FILM, NITRATE FILM, POLYESTER FILM.
The transparent, flexible support, on which photographic emulsions are coated to make photographic film (cellulose acetate, polyester).
A transparent plastic material, usually of cellulose triacetate or polyester, upon which a photographic emulsion or other material may be coated.
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A low, or deep, sound. (Mus.) (a) The lowest part; the deepest male voice. (b) One who sings, or the instrument which plays, base.
The basal plane of a crystal.
Installs on bottom of the wall. Butts into the Casing.
A layer of material of specified thickness constructed on the subgrade of a pavement to serve one or more functions, such as distributing loads, providing drainage, or minimizing frost action.
Generic term for material installed prior to asphalt paving. May be a crushed stone product or asphalt product (see full-depth asphalt pavements). The base material provides the load bearing characteristics of the finished pavement and may vary from 3-4" for a residential driveway to 18" or more for parking areas or roadways. The correct type and amount of base material must be determined and specified prior to paving. Lack of adequate base material is a primary cause of pavement failures.
The course or layer of materials in a roadway section on which the actual pavement is placed. It may be of different types of materials ranging from selected soils to crushed stone or gravel.
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The lower part of a wall, pier, or column, when treated as a separate feature, usually in projection, or especially ornamented.
the lowest pressure obtainable in a vacuum system after continuous pumping for a long period. Often a procedure of thermal cycling is also employed. Synonymous with residual pressure.
The lowest part or the lowest main division of anything, as of a column, pier, the front of a building or the like.
Of little comparative value, as metal inferior to gold and silver, the precious metals.
Alloyed with inferior metal; debased; as, base coin; base bullion.
To reduce the value of; to debase.
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End of the prostate nearest the bladder.
The proximal portion of a structure; that part nearest the point of attachment.
(anatomy) the part of an organ nearest its point of attachment; "the base of the skull"
Morally low. Hence: Low-minded; unworthy; without dignity of sentiment; ignoble; mean; illiberal; menial; as, a base fellow; base motives; base occupations.
Not held by honorable service; as, a base estate, one held by services not honorable; held by villenage. Such a tenure is called base, or low, and the tenant, a base tenant.
not adhering to ethical or moral principles; "base and unpatriotic motives"; "a base, degrading way of life"; "cheating is dishonorable"; "they considered colonialism immoral"; "unethical practices in handling public funds"
Of humble birth; or low degree; lowly; mean.
Illegitimate by birth; bastard.
of low birth or station (`base' is archaic in this sense); "baseborn wretches with dirty faces"; "of humble (or lowly) birth"
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In LDAP, the distinguished name (DN) to use as a starting place for searches. Searches can begin at any point in the directory tree. Beginning the search lower in the tree can dramatically reduce both the search time and spurious results. For example, Base might be specified in SAS options or Workspace Manager parameters as BaseDN or ldapBase.
The root of a subtree search in an LDAP-compliant directory.
The base entry (a.k.a root and suffix) is one of many terms commonly used to describe the topmost entry in a DIT or naming-context. The term base seems to be used because the search scope base in a LDAP URL or other search typically uses this value. The Root DSE is the highest level in an LDAP enabled directory. Base Naming.
The bottom of anything, considered as its support, or that on which something rests for support; the foundation; as, the base of a statue.
To put on a base or basis; to lay the foundation of; to found, as an argument or conclusion; -- used with on or upon.
Also known as foundation, a skin-colored makeup used to smooth the surface of the skin and even its coloration. Prepares the face for other makeup. Comes in liquid, cream, powder, cake, and stick forms.
an intensely anti-western terrorist network that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist group; has cells in more than 50 countries
That location at which the primary logistics functions are coordinated and administered.  (Incident name or other designator will be added to the term “Base.”)  The ICP may be collocated with the Base.  There is only one Base per incident.
The location at which primary logistics functions for an incident are coordinated and administered. There is only one Base per incident (Incident name or other designator will be added to the term Base). The Incident Command Post may be collocated with the Base.
Fig.: The fundamental or essential part of a thing; the essential principle; a groundwork.
Startposition of the ginga
The root class of the Object COBOL Class Library. All other Object COBOL programs supplied with this system inherit their fundamental behavior from Base.
The lower part of a complete architectural design, as of a monument; also, the lower part of any elaborate piece of furniture or decoration.
The lower part of the field. See Escutcheon.
A kind of skirt (often of velvet or brocade, but sometimes of mailed armor) which hung from the middle to about the knees, or lower.
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Stabilizing body of a lamp constructed from various materials such as metal, brass, porcelain, resin or wood.
The end of the lamp that inserts into the lamp socket
End (or ends) of a lamp that makes electrical and mounting connections with the luminaire.
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No closing tag. Index Definition: Base URL Description: Sets the base URL for the document. It must be placed in the HEAD of the document before any reference to an external source. Example: base href="/my_directory/index.html
An HTML tag enclosed in the Head, for specifying a document's virtual URL.» Back to top of screen
Yes v3 up IE3+ document base URL
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A board placed against the wall around a room next to the floor to finish properly between floor and plaster.
A narrow board or member placed at the juncture of the floor and wall to cover the joint.
Creates a transition from the wall to the floor.
A solid plastic frame that holds and locks in the infant carrier. Can remain in the car or travel along with the infant carrier (see detachable base).
the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained; "the whole argument rested on a basis of conjecture"
The base of a child seat is the lower portion that rests on the vehicle seat. A detachable base that comes with many infant seats is used to permit a fixed installation into the vehicle allowing the chilc seat to be taken in and out of the vehicle without having to do a new installation each time.
The smallest kind of cannon.
A collection ''B'' of open sets is a base (or basis) for a topology ''T'' if every open set in ''T'' is a union of sets in ''B''. The topology ''T'' is the smallest topology on ''X'' containing ''B'' and is said to be generated by ''B''.
A set of open sets is a base (or basis) for a topology if every open set in the topology is a union of sets in the base. The topology generated by a base is the smallest topology containing the base elements; this topology consists of all unions of elements of the base.
the principal ingredient of a mixture; "glycerinated gelatin is used as a base for many ointments"; "he told the painter that he wanted a yellow base with just a hint of green"; "everything she cooked seemed to have rice as the base"
serving as or forming a base; "the painter applied a base coat followed by two finishing coats"
a chemical ingredient
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Where most wagers are done on a dice table.
the space on the dice table where most of the bets are set and paid.
Area on the dice table where the majority of bets are made and paid.
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unner a player on the team at bat who is on a base or running between bases. synonyms: base runner {baserunner}, runner Click here for more detail
place that runner must touch before scoring; "he scrambled to get back to the bag"
One of four stations to be reached in turn by the runner.
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A person who is in direct weight bearing contact with the performance surface* who provides primary support for anther person. The person(s) who holds, lifts or tosses a flyer into a stunt. * Exception: All Star Level 6: A second level base in a 2 ½ high pyramid Main Base: When using 2 or 3 bases, the main base has the most control over the flyer and in some stunts is directly under the flyer. Secondary Base: When using multiple bases, the secondary base is across from the main base and will usually be on the foot (single leg stunt) or have one of the feet (double leg stunts.)
A person who is in direct weight bearing contact with the performance surface who provides support for another person. The person(s) that holds, lifts or tosses a top person into a stunt.
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Part of a denture that is supported by the alveolar ridge and carries the artificial teeth or a lining material applied under a filling to decrease sensitivity to heat or cold by insulating the pulp (tooth nerve).
a layer of material placed under a filling to protect the nerve from hot and cold while the overlying filling is in service
a type of dental cement that is applied under a filling or crown to decrease sensitivity to heat or cold and protect the filling
a thing that you raise to a power
A number or expression to be raised to a power. In the expression is the base.
A term that is raised to an exponent. For example, in the term , is the base.
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(linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed; "thematic vowels are part of the stem"
where the point at which the leaf is joined to the stem.
A single morph or a construct of morphs to which a derivational affix is adjoined, forming a new base. The word "finger" is simultaneously a root, a base, a stem, and a word. The form "stup" found in stupid is a root and it is a base when an affix is joined to it. It is not a stem, since it has no lexical meaning.
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BASE is one of Belgium's three mobile telecommunications operators. It competes with Proximus, owned by Belgacom; and Mobistar, owned by Orange SA. It is a subsidiary of the former Dutch PTT, KPN.
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Base (Hiro Sokuto) is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in Genetix #1.
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An apron.
a material thing, not a literary form
A resin or frit type that determines the characteristics of the coating material.
See base and superstructure, base materialism.
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station] - Radio equipment installed in a building or other fixed location. May be a mobile unit with external power supply, or AC-powered equipment, controlled directly or remotely, such as a tone-remote console.
the place where you are stationed and from which missions start and end
assign to a station
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Any one of the four bounds which mark the circuit of the infield.
begin besides bound build
See continuous poset. Boolean algebra is a distributive lattice with least element 0 and greatest element 1, in which every element has a complement ¬, such that ∧ ¬ = 0 and ∨ ¬ bounded poset is one that has a least element 0 and a greatest element 1. A poset is bounded complete if every of its subsets with some upper bound also has a least such upper bound. The dual notion is not common.
chart pattern showing a relatively narrow price range over an extended period of time.
A technical analysis tool. A chart pattern depicting the period when the supply and demand of a certain stock are in relative equilibrium, resulting in a narrow trading range. The merging of the support level and resistance level.
This chart pattern is formed after a decline by a considerable amount of trading occurring within a relatively narrow price range. The formation is completed when an upside breakout occurs.
That extremity of a leaf, fruit, etc., at which it is attached to its support.
The support onto which printing plates are fixed.
The support onto which printing plates is fixed.
a set B of subsets of w such that no finite intersection of elements of B is empty
Let G be a finite permutation group acting on a set \Omega.
A place or tract of country, protected by fortifications, or by natural advantages, from which the operations of an army proceed, forward movements are made, supplies are furnished, etc.
A unit or multiunit position that has a definite perimeter. Army, other services, or host nation units may make up a base.
(substrate) the surface that the tesserae are adhered to. ex. wood, metal, glass. glass blower making cartellina
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Base is a soup reduction paste similar to bouillon, but richer, more flavorful, and less salty. You can find it in the soup section of the super market. It comes in a jar and must be refrigerated after opening.
The exterior side of the polygon, or that imaginary line which connects the salient angles of two adjacent bastions.
That part of an organ by which it is attached to another more central organ.
n, the center part of a freefall formation; the first part of the formation to complete. Not to be confused with B.A.S.E.
the base of the prostate is the wide part at the top of the prostate closest to the seminal vesicles and bladder
The line or surface constituting that part of a figure on which it is supposed to stand.
Many miniatures rules systems require figures to be mounted in groups on the same flat surface or Base. Gamers may also desire to mount their individual models, to give players something to hold on to (and making players less likely to touch and bend delicate gun barrels) or to make figures more stable on the tabletop. The Base may be made of cardboard or steel (steel Bases are available commercially).
BASE is a database server to manage the massive amounts of data generated by microarray analysis. It handles biomaterials, raw data and images, and provides integrated and plug-in-able normalization, data viewing and analysis tools.
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an interface device that is securely fastened to the rifle and allows the addition of rings with the same mount-type (Weaver, dove-tail, turn-in, etc
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Also known as a Stop. In real estate leases tenants are often responsible for operating expenses of the building over a certain dollar amount, the base or stop. The base may be expressed in dollars per square foot, total dollars, or as a base year (in which case the base is the expense in the base year). Example-- Expenses for a building are $9 per square foot in 1997. Madison Inc. has a base of $6. For 1997 Madison must pay $3 per square foot in Escalation. (Note, the computations can be much more involved.) For a net lease the base is zero.
A metal piece used as a foot to stand items up.
use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes
In politics, the term base refers to a group of voters who almost always support a single party's candidates for elected office. Base voters are very unlikely to vote for the candidate of an opposing party, regardless of the specific views each candidate holds. In the United States, this is typically because high-level candidates must hold the same stances on key issues as a party's base in order to gain the party's nomination and thus guaranteed ballot access.
BASE is the Basic Analysis and Security Engine. It is based on the code from the Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases project. This application provides a web front-end to query and analyze the alerts coming from a SNORT IDS system.
A wood or plastic unit that is cut to the shape of the turntable in order for the turntable to sit in to play.
Some collators require a base or platform to sit on. This helps make operating the machine easier.
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Tint base.
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portion of the point to which the spear or arrow shaft or knife handle was attached
The portion of the cartridge case that contains the primer, also called the head.
Base is both a position (see the position section) and a location. The base is the area where you respawn. Usually, maps are virtually separated in 2 bases and 1 midfield.
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IARC Reportable Quantity (RQ)
installation from which a military force initiates operations; "the attack wiped out our forward bases"
A locality of installation on which a military force relies for supplies or from where it initiates operations.
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the hafted end of a point.
a tactical consideration
The element or unit in a tactical operation around which a movement or maneuver is planned and performed.
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A common mis-spelling of the homophone, 'bass'.
any side of a parallelogram
The finished side of a semi-finished blank. The term refers to the curvature of the finished side. See Curve, Base
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Deep or grave in sound; as, the base tone of a violin.
1. The base currency is the first currency quoted in a currency pair. For example,...
the face or pair of faces from which the height of the polyhedron is measured
an electron pair donor
Bielefeld de Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
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See exponential notation.
The number of people answering each question on a questionnaire.
The number of respondents who answer a particular question. In a computer-generated report table these numbers run across the top to show what the percentages in a table are calculated on.
The volume of gas needed as a permanent inventory to maintain adequate underground storage reservoir pressures and deliverability rates throughout the withdrawal season. All native gas is included in the base gas volume.
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The butt end of the racquet handle.
Keywords:  depot, trailer, container, home
Home depot of container or trailer.
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Area near players on a table where bets are usually made and paid.
Area on the table where most of the bets are made and paid.
The area on a Craps table where most of the bets are placed.
The phase of a landing approach where the aircraft is flying perpendicular to the runway center line at the approach end. Described as left or right base depending on where the runway is relative to the aircraft.
The ground mass of a rock, especially if not distinctly crystalline.
that part of the FIBC which is connected to or integral with the walls and forms the base of the standing FIBC
a silicone polymer with reinforcing fillers and process aids
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Running that does not specifically train any system; however, it is aerobic running that provides the basic string to do specific running.
the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area; "the industrial base of Japan"
The core around which a formation skydive is built. Can be a single person or a group of people, depending on the number of skydivers involved.
The file revision that two newer, conflicting file revisions were commonly based on.
Number used as the factor for repeated multiplication. For example:: base is 4
number used as a factor for repeated multiplication. i.e. in 4Tm, 4 is the base.
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The airport from which flight crews are assigned.
The point or line from which a start is made; a starting place or a goal in various games.
Starting point for development of a fiscal year's budget request. The base reflects previous year's expenditures plus or minus expenditure adjustments and base adjustments.
A combination of folds that can be used as a starting point for creating
A CB transceiver located in an apartment, home, or business that is a fixed location, as opposed to a mobile unit installed in a vehicle.
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A rustic play; -- called also prisoner's base, prison base, or bars.
A technical analysis term used to describe the activity of a stock that is trading in a narrow range and, whose trading volume is decreasing as the stock moves sideways. This type of activity is watched closely because once the selling pressure has ended, the stock can begin to make another move into new high territory.
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A terminal on a semiconductor.
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A firm layer of hard-packed snow covering the bare ground.
the most important or necessary part of something; "the basis of this drink is orange juice"
use as a basis for; found on; "base a claim on some observation"
A very concentrated dispersion of pigment/binder; subsequently mixed to produce the desired end product.
The number from which a mathematical table is constructed; as, the base of a system of logarithms.
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a build that belongs to you or your partner, or a single
Building, Antenna, Span & Earth. Jumping off fixed objects.
the 'world' encompassed by an environment. Boundaries are specified to define the extent of the Base. the root of an environment object hierarchy of objects with fixed positions in the world.
(1) staging and/or command center location for fire operations; (2) starting location of a fire; (3) base camp: location for eating, sleeping, etc., near staging or command center.
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The clear perforated strip of a piece of film.
A line in a survey which, being accurately determined in length and position, serves as the origin from which to compute the distances and positions of any points or objects connected with it by a system of triangles.
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A player's position at the Blackjack table. The first person on the dealers left is First Base, the second person on the dealers left in Second Base, etc.
a collection of sheds, interconnected by large pipes
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Not classical or correct.
The required number of interviews to actually be completed and referred to as the need.
Keywords:  laid, update, recent, stage, install
Set of files that were laid down by the most recent INSTALL or UPDATE operations. This represents the starting point from which all HP Stage/iX activities take place.
The numbering system in which an arithmetic value is represented.
The primary constituent of recording tape that carries the magnetic coating.
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empty Base context document
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Of little, or less than the usual, height; of low growth; as, base shrubs.
a series of interconnected rooms where your group can call home when not doing missions
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Blocking man on or over you.
Back of the meter by which it is generally fixed and to which are attached the measuring element, the terminals, or the terminal block, and the cover.
a regular geometric shape that has a structure similar to that of the desired subject.
Reference number used to indicate such information as headings, altitudes, fuels, etc.
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a safe zone where you cannot be attacked
a simple abstract shape, folded from a square piece of paper, from which many models can be developed
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Term used to describe the point where the penis exits the body.
Keywords:  chief, instead, low, charge, high
a charge, similar to a chief , only low instead of high
Is the sample, population or value from which percentages are derived in a survey report.
Keywords:  horse, housing
The housing of a horse.
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If you want to make a game in Java, Base should be the first package you import.
Keywords:  ranked, highest, run, cards
the highest-ranked card in a run of cards.
a configuration of folds which offers opportunities for further development in many different ways.
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The base is where the paper lies while being cut.
A group of individuals or items used as a standard of reference because their characteristics fall under a certain set of specifications; for example, adults age 25 to 54. This number will equal 100 percent.
Keywords:  lays, cut, paper
The base is where the paper lays while being cut.
Security: The main control panel for a wireless security system.
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class: a class from which another class inherits data and functions forming an IS-A relationship between the classes
Keywords:  database
n. Database.
Keywords:  entry, alternate, engine, name, see
an alternate name for the V8 engine. See also the entry for V8.
Keywords:  leg, expression
Other expression for: base leg
Keywords:  enough, eyes, build, large, control
an area you control that is large enough for you to build one or more eyes
The element on which a movement is planned or regulated.
Keywords:  universe, run, reports, defined, user
a user defined universe for which you can run reports
Keywords:  position, low, place
Low in place or position.
Keywords:  location, document
Document location
Keywords:  expression, form, call
In an expression of the form ab, we call the base.
Keywords:  see
see FM 101-5-1.
A, T, G or C.