Definitions for "Aërobic"
Growing or thriving only in the presence of oxygen; also, pertaining to, or induced by, aërobies; as, aërobic fermentation.
Living with oxygen.
Organisms or biologic activities that must take place in the presence of gaseous oxygen. Aerating a compost pile or the soil will enable aerobic organisms to flourish.
Floxuridine Pharmacologic
Exogenous Panic
Exogenous Pharmacologic
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Epiphyseal Overdose
Electrophysiological Phosphorylation
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Ginseng Parathyroid
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Epinephrine Pernicious
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Habitual Panniculitis
Extracellular Phenylalanine
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Femoral Osteoporosis
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Fibroblasts Phenotype
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Inner membrane of the mitochondrion
An activity that maintains your target heart rate for a minimum of 20 minutes and puts demand on your cardio vascular system.
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when your pen becomes airborne.
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(1 definitions) dispersal
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