Definitions for "Dispersal"
Keywords:  scatter, spores, larvae, gametes, seeds
The act or result of dispersing or scattering; dispersion.
The scattering of organisms of a species, often following a major reproductive event. Spores and larvae are commonly dispersed into the environment. Pollen or gametes may also be dispersed, but in this case the intent is to target another individual so that reproduction may occur. Organisms may disperse as spores, seeds, eggs, larvae, or adults.
the method by which a tree’s seeds are distributed.
the process in which young wolves leave their packs to form new ones.
The act of an organism leaving its birth-place and moving to where it will live as an adult. Dispersal in wolves, usually involves a young, sexually maturing wolf leaving the pack, perhaps due to rivalry with other members of the pack, intense bonds formed with an individual wolf from outside of the pack or lack of sufficient resources within the pack's territory to support the number of wolves present.
When an animal leaves an area and does not return. Different from migration, in which an animal leaves and returns, usually in a later season or year.
the permanent emigration of individuals from a population
For birds, usually refers to the movement of individuals away from the area where they were born.
movement of organisms away from place of birth.
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Distichous Dormant
Keywords:  broods, prairie, chicken, summer, apart
To move apart or separate as in "brood dispersal." Prairie chicken broods disperse in late summer or early fall.
the act of dispersing or diffusing something; "the dispersion of the troops"; "the diffusion of knowledge"
The dissipation or disappearance of smoke.
The action of a dynamic ol purpose meeting an engram.
the formal transfer of an item(s) from the Museum's collection, either permanently via disposal or temporarily on long-term loan, into a new home within the public domain.
Travel of Individuals, which (1) as an ecological process affects distribution of individuals; (2) as a genetic process affecting geographic differentiation and variation; Related Terms: Successful Dispersal