Definitions for "Microalgae"
phytoplankton (as opposed to macroalgae or seaweed)
Microscopic single celled algae.
are microscopic single-cell organisms that belong to the phytoplankton family.
Keywords:  urea, vitamin, atp, ammonia, nitrates
Single celled plants that are the bottom of the marine food chain. Microalgae absorb nutrients such as ammonia, urea, nitrates, phosphates, and potassium, vitamins and metals.
Source of Vitamin B, assist ATP production, moisturizing & softening effect to the skin
Small plants that live in the water and can't be seen by the naked eye
Microalgae are a type of photosynthetic protist. While the mechanism of photosynthesis in microalgae is similar to that of true plants, they are generally more efficient converters of solar energy because of their simple cellular structure.