Definitions for "Museum"
A repository or a collection of natural, scientific, or literary curiosities, or of works of art.
An institution dedicated to the study, preservation, interpretation, and display of artistic, historical, or scientific objects..
A museum is a building that houses artefacts that have a historical value. go back
A building where people can look at works of art or interesting objects from history or nature
a collection of photos
a good place to relax and meet friends
a big beast to feed,' admits Charles Saumarez Smith, director of the National Gallery
a toy chest," he enthused, pointing out that the "bonnets" that cover displays were removable
A gallery for the display and conservation of works of art.
a monument in itself, an organism of history
a monument to the self-destructive folly of a prohibition scheme that has never worked anytime, anywhere, for anything
To dream of seeing or going through a museum of any kind predicts good luck through a social contact.
To dream of a museum, denotes you will pass through many and varied scenes in striving for what appears your rightful position. You will acquire useful knowledge, which will stand you in better light than if you had pursued the usual course to learning. If the museum is distasteful, you will have many causes for vexation.
This TLD is available only to museums and museum organizations.
This TLD is available only to museums, museum organizations and individual members of the museum profession.
This suffix is design for exclusively by museums, museum associations, and individual members of the museum profession.
A recently opened building near the Dakotah (Tokotah) courtyard, Ae'gura.
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Malhaf Square Saah
an excellent introduction to reef ecology and you can use our basic reading list to find hours of fascination
an excellent location for a first date, and they're generally inexpensive
a building or other institution that is non-profit and shares educational and cultural information with the public
a must for tourists interested in Gaelic sport and culture
a vital space for contemporary Native American arts and culture
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a tribute to "spy" gadgets and brilliant plots, much of our mission today requires a different kind of technology
a testimonial to how much damage a foolhardy policy run by morally and intellectually bankrupt drug warriors can cause
a strange notion for a poet in constant motion, but the times they are a changin'
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a gymnasium for the eye
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ASL Browser
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MUSIC: used with REVIEW, AWARD, etc.; recorded or live.
a living thing, and - if the Iraqis want it to - the one in Baghdad will live again
a funhouse of thought and beauty
a perfect choice, but a beautiful movie would also inspire them and touch their gentle spirits
a treasure house and tomb, not a counting-house or amusement center
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a antique hobby shop
a plum job for an architect, a chance to make a memorable and widely recognized formal statement
a means, a tool available to a society to find, give form to, mark, demarcate its identity, i
a powerful symbol of the importance society gives to the arts
a space of exchanges, some aesthetic, some economic, certainly some social
Generic top-level domain reserved for museums.
Museums, The .museum domain is reserved for museums and is sponsored by the Museum Domain Management Association
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a way of validating what's being done
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an experience
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a different animal from a power station