Definitions for "PLUM"
The edible drupaceous fruit of the Prunus domestica, and of several other species of Prunus; also, the tree itself, usually called plum tree.
A grape dried in the sun; a raisin.
A color resembling that of a plum; a slightly grayish deep purple, varying somewhat in its red or blue tint.
Completely. "Ah'm plum tuckered out."
completely; used as intensifiers; "clean forgot the appointment"; "I'm plumb (or plum) tuckered out"
A handsome fortune or property; formerly, in cant language, the sum of £100,000 sterling; also, the person possessing it.
Something likened to a plum in desirableness; a good or choice thing of its kind, as among appointments, positions, parts of a book, etc.; as, the mayor rewarded his cronies with cushy plums, requiring little work for handsome pay
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Sauce - Plums provide the sour flavor in Chinese dishes. It's a great combination with stir-fried pork and deep fried appetizers and dim sum.
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An investment that has a very healthy rate of return. The inverse of an old venture capital adage (see Lemons) claims that "plums ripen later than lemons."
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PLUM is a flexible and extensible PHP5 framework for creating websites and webapps. All document processing is done by PLUM's modules, not PLUM itself. PLUM doesn't use any template systems. It produces output from XML using XSL transformations.
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wake of hot air and gas emitted by a helicopter jetpipe or wake from jet engine at high power on the ground
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a fruittype with a lot of varieties
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exactly; "fell plumb in the middle of the puddle"
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The wild plum is the symbol for winter in the four seasons since this is when its branches flower. It is thus representative of longevity.
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more information - recipes
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referring to a plume or feather ("plumosus")
A promising set up or offensive opportunity.