Definitions for "Template "
An example or pattern for a program or document that acts as a predefined skeleton that only needs to be filled in to be complete.
A predefined set of tools, forms or formats that provide the structure and settings necessary to quickly create content.
A master copy of a publication used as a starting point to design new documents. A template may be as simple as a blank document in the desired size and orientation or as elaborate as a nearly complete design with placeholder text, fonts, and graphics that need only a small amount of customization of text.
A pattern used to make sure measurements are accurate when making a part of metal, stone, fabric, etc.
A master copy used to start the DNA or RNA replication process.
It is a pattern for repetitive marking or fabricating operation.
Usually a proprietary mathematical representation of biometric data which represents the biometric measurement of an enrollee. Any graphical representation is reduced to a numerical representation. The template is then used by the biometric system as an efficient method to make comparisons with other templates stored in the system. The trend in automated biometric systems is toward the use of templates rather than, for example, images of a fingerprint.
Data structured set containing the biometric data of an enrollee used for data processing by a biometric system. The template is maintained on file or in a templates database.
The biometric reference pattern of a person stored for matching. BioCert devices convert fingerprint minutiae into mathematical templates, so actual fingerprint images are not stored and cannot be reconstructed based on template data.
A unit of text containing one or more keywords without their values. Templates are used in @ease{} as a guideline for constructing a minimal input file.
tem A template file written in the programming language. It should be in simple ASCII and (depending upon how portably it was written) should be usable on any machine with a C++ compiler. A template file will typically also require some and files to be used in any meaningful way.
a special type of word processing or authoring file that you can use to consistently develop similar types of screens, thereby reduceing the amount of time needed to develop an online learning program, as well as the inconsistency among lessons because the parts that need to be consistent are often included in the template.
C++ jargon for the UML parameterized class. [ uml.template.gif ] [ uml.find.gif
(generic) A pattern (e.g. a cookie cutter) used to replicate objects. (C++) A facility for creating parameterized class (type) definitions. ( SMS/800) A standard pattern defined by an IXC that specifies the limits and boundaries ( NPA LATA s, etc.) of 800 routing.
A questionnare that can be used to assigned to a class to collect results. In the OCA system, a questionnaire is called a Template before it is deployed to a class, and a Survey after it has been deployed.
Like a stencil, a template is made of sturdy plastic and has shapes cut into it that you may trace onto your paper.
A device used to check the body shape and size to ensure compliance with the rules. The template closely resembles the shape of the factory version of the car.
A strip of metal used by inspectors to check the body shape and size for compliance with the rules.
In DocBook XSL, there are three distinct kinds of templates: XSL, gentext, and titlepage templates. XSLT templates perform the main transformation of content. Gentext templates define generated text produced by the stylesheets. Titlepage templates define what information appears on title pages, and in what order.
The basic unit of an XSLT stylesheet; a "recipe" for the code that should be produced when a particular element (designated by the "match" attribute) is encountered by the XSLT processor.
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Or disc. With reference to paperweight manufacture, it is a small cast iron disc in which a design is sorted before it is picked up.
In paperweight production, a small cast iron disc on which the motif is carefully arranged before being picked up.
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A template is a piece of text that contains template processing directives interspersed with other text. Normally in OpenInteract, this will be Template Toolkit processing directives interspersed with HTML.
A template is a file that includes a mixture of HTML and script statements. Second Site executes the script statements to produce one or more output files.
Templates are pre-made files that are used to send customized information from the server to some client (or user via a browser). They contain small pieces of text sourrounded by ##. Here is an example: I know b##runningjobs##/b running jobs. This template would be processed by the server, filling in the marker with the number of actually running jos. The result would look like: I know b2/b running jobs. There are templates for the HTML output, and for the emails sent out by the server.
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s Formblatt, e Schablone
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Same as Templet.
The template contains the essential characteristics of the ACH batch, such as the name of the template, the type (class code) of ACH transmission (CCD or PPD), and the offset account. Although AXIS Cash Management only lists CCD & PPD, AXIS Cash Management will create the appropriate CCD+/PPD+ ACH Batch if a participant with an addendum is associated with this batch.
A pre-selected set of assessment settings. Using templates can make it simpler and easier to create assessments. Templates are automatically shared throughout all course and project sites, so you can use someone else's template or create your own to share with others. See Creating a new assessment for instructions on using a template in assessment creation. If you create an assessment without using a template, then all settings will be viewable and editable by default.
A base for creating new Publications that use the same functionality. Templates can be based on other Templates. Each Templates can specify which GlobalModules are used, and override the Module functionality in the normal manner. Templates are created and edited as a Publcation, but cannot be used as a Publication. A Publication created from a Template inherits all the functionality, and copies the configuration including the default Resources.
A Maze template is a general graphic that isn't a Maze, but is modified to be a valid Maze still having the texture or look and feel of the original graphic template. For example a Maze in the shape of a recognizable object, or a picture that's actually a Maze if you look closely, is based on a template.
A computer file indicating the correct position of graphic elements, and typographic specifications.
A skeleton definition containing common style and standards, and may include graphics. A template provides a standard format to enable quick and easy development of professional standard look-and-feel reports.
In SiteBuilder, this is a design of web site following certain limitations and converted into XML documents following certain rules. Templates usually follow some definite topic, e.g. template for car company, template for medical company etc.
Form used to provide consistent look and feel to information presented on a Web site.
A set design into which your site information is plugged. This allows only minor variation and makes your site look amateurish.
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A pre-defined structure for an artifact. Synonym: parameter ized element. [D04884] RUP
A pre-constructed database. Allows you to take a database which already has its basic outline, and fill it in with your own data.
Certain applications use template files to pre-load default configurations settings. Microsoft Word uses a template called NORMAL.DOT to store information about page setup, margins and other document information.
A golden image of a virtual machine. This typically includes a specified operating system and configuration which provides virtual counterparts to hardware components. Optionally, a template can include an installed guest operating system and a set of applications. Templates are used by VirtualCenter to create new virtual machines.
A virtual machine that cannot be deleted or added to a team. Setting a virtual machine as a template protects any linked clone or snapshots from being disabled inadvertently. See also Linked clone, Parent, and Snapshot.
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On Itanium processors, templates define the combinations of instructions that can be placed into a single bundle. For example, a bundle with the MFI template must have, in this order, a memory instruction (M), a floating-point instruction (F), and an integer instruction (I). Templates also define the location of stops. 24 templates are defined in the Itanium architecture, but there are only 12 combinations of letters. For each combination, there are two template versions: one with a stop at the end, and one without a stop. Some templates also contain stops within the bundle.
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rigid and modular subsea structure where the oilfield well-heads are located.
a convention that acts as an incomplete initial version of a document or software component. Contrast with standard.
A template is the term used by DynaWeb to denote the Tcl construct used to provide the framework for the information contained in DynaWeb documents.
An empty or generic document that can easily be adapted to specific user needs.
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See: AOCE template
A fixed template is required during all excavation and concreting operations when drilling from a barge. This is to maintain shaft position and alignment. A template is not required on land if the contractor can satisfactorily show that he can maintain proper position and alignment without it.
In an adept's parlance, the target spirit one is trying to emulate.
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High level VLT operation. Templates provide the means to group commonly used procedures in a well defined and standardized unit. Templates have input parameters described by a template signature , and produce results that can serve as input to other templates. As an example, an Acquisition Template takes target coordinates and produces through an interactive procedure the precise positions used later, e.g. to place the slit.
A shell which can be used to input information.
The action of making an object unselectable. The object is still visible, but changes to a gray color to indicate that it cannot be selected or changed. In other software packages, known as freeze or ghost.
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Adding a Workgroup
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Something the Head hantus are not very good at fixing ( REF: )
A wedding video formula used by a particular videographer or studio.
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See Also: Gobo
Refers to the Service Package, Pinpoint Inspection, Common Complaint, or Maintenance Plan that is defined in the Enterprise (Franchise or Setup) Manager. Templates may be copied or modified for use at each business Location in the Location Manager.
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A template is some form of device to provide a separation of form or structure from content.
H-Sphere templates is basically what lays behind the H-Sphere Control Panel Web interface. For the most part, templates are written using Freemarker Java processing language for dynamic content generation.
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Used when ordering a custom made arch. You make an arch template by taping butcher paper over the arch window opening and drawing a picture of the opening. This is mailed in so that the arch can be made to fit your exact arch window opening.
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A fictitious example development board. The source for the Template board can be used as a starting point for a port to a real system. See also: contact item  field set
A contact item that is used to seed the initial field set for other contact items. See also: contact item, field set
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See Master Form Template.
A design style used for a publication produced on a regular basis with all the information for that publication: text styles, grids.
The basis of the XML style sheet is the template rule, which makes a template that allows a user agent to construct a styled Result node from a Source node. The template has two parts: The matching part identifies the source (XML) node to which the processing action is to be applied. The matching information is contained in the match attribute. The processing part defines how the children are to be processed and what styling is to be applied to them. The processing information is contained in the template's child elements.
Used in AppGuru to describe an example user interface to be used as the starting point of a new design.
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See Label; this term was more commonly used in tierra.
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Trade promotions Tying
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essentially an email form letter that goes along with a scrip action in a scrip.
A model for a particular microcomputer software application.
The term template, when used in the context of software engineering has various technical specifications, but is generally identified as any processing element that can be combined with a data model and processed by a template engine to produce a result document.
A grid of horizontal letters and vertical numbers that is etched into a rectangular plate. This device is used during prostate seed implants to determine where to place each seed.
horizontal member of wall that receives and distributes pressure of beam or girder.
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See Loading Gauge
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Template is a template system . It supports a wide variety of functions to make a PHP developer's life easier.
In computer programming, templates are a feature of the C++ programming language that allow code to be written without consideration of the data type with which it will eventually be used. Templates support generic programming in C++.
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A steel structure positioned at the bottom of the sea to serve as a platform for various components
An object that automates the creation of new objects of a particular type.
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In vision, a stored sub-image with which to compare incoming images.
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(see Catalog Object Template)
Is used to build presentations by selecting from a variety of default backgrounds.
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Lets you save an old report definition as a template. These templates can then be inserted in a new report.
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See Project Template
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See User template.