Definitions for "Emulate"
Striving to excel; ambitious; emulous.
To strive to equal or to excel in qualities or actions; to imitate, with a view to equal or to outdo, to vie with; to rival; as, to emulate the good and the great.
To imitate one system with another, so that the imitating system accepts the same data, executes the same computer programs, and achieves the same results as the imitated system.
The act of mimicking the behavior of one computer program, operating system, or piece of hardware with a computer program. Emulation is almost always slower...
To test the function of a DVD disc on a computer after formatting a complete disc image.
An EMULATOR is a program you load into your Amiga/PC/Mac/whatever, that lets you load and play all of the SPECTRUM games. There are billions of them for you to download, for lots of different computer types. There are even ones for the Playstation and the Dreamcast - so you can finally play some good games on the latter [ducks]. Please note that the games and cheats here will ONLY work on the ZX Spectrum (either on an emulator, or the real computer). For help with non-Spectrum emulation, click here.
Keywords:  em'u, lat, mimic, copy, duplication
synonyms adopt copy mimic model replicate
This is when a copy of a system is made (i.e., a duplication).
em'u lat to copy
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the act of emulating, what an emulator does