Definitions for "Amiga"
a "home computer"
a Personal Computer
Amiga - Multimedia enhanced 32 bit computer introduced by Commodore in 1985.
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Amiga UNIX was one of the first releases of SVR4, and is acknowledged to be a complete implementation with full support for networking, virtual memory and X-Windows. However, it needs at least 100Mb of hard disk space, and about 10Mb of RAM, but there is a smaller version (without all the bells and whistles) called MINIX that was written by Professor Andrew Tanenbaum in 1987 for teaching purposes and requires much less resource. In effect AmigaDOS is not all that different in its capabilities so unless you must have UNIX, stick with AmigaDOS. However, the latest developments on the Amiga front have been based on Linux.
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Here you can find my Open Source precompiled binaries for AmigaOS. This project was done with the aim to give support to the ppl that dont have the time.. to do itself...
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an EtchaSketch you don't hafta shake
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On Classic machines, press the Ctrl key, the Left Amiga key, and the Right Amiga key (Ctrl-A-A) simultaneously to warm boot. On the AmigaOne using a PC keyboard, press the Ctrl key, the Left Windows key, and the Right Windows key (Ctrl-Win-Win) simultaneously to warm boot.
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