Definitions for "MIF"
Management Information Format. The Desktop Management Interface (DMI) specification that defines the syntax for describing management information about the hardware and software components that can be installed on a computer system.
See Management Information Format.
Managment Information Format
Mercato Italiano Futures. The Italian futures market trading Italian Treasury bond (BTB) futures.
Mercato Italiano Futures. Merchant bank Mercosur
macrophage inhibitory factor
Migration inhibition factor. A lymphokine that inhibits the motility of macrophages in culture.
A group of peptides produced by lymphocytes which are capable of inhibiting macrophage migration.
Multilateral Investment Fund (Regional)
MULTILATERAL INVESTMENT FUND. Context is: trade term. A special fund administered by the Inter-American Development Bank that was established in 1993 to accelerate private sector development and help improve the climate for private investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Approved projects have focused on strengthening the policy and regulatory framework for the private sector, increasing worker skills and mobility, broadening the participation of micro and small enterprises, and demonstrating the role of equity as a development tool. See also Additionality; Bilateral Aid; Bilateral Investment Treaty; Developing Countries; Direct Investment; Economic Development; Foreign Investment; Industrial Policy; Inter-American Development Bank; Least Developed Countries; Multilateral Aid; Newly Industrializing Countries; Non-Aligned Movement; North-South Trade; Official Development Assistance; Soft Loan; South-South Trade.
Mulinational Interception Force.