Definitions for "PICT"
Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT This kind of file stores images in QuickDraw vector format. PICT2 can have grayscale bitmapped images also.
PICTure. Primary Mac graphics format.
This format is widely used with Macintosh graphics and page-layout applications as an intermediary file format for transferring files between applications. This format is especially effective at compressing images that contain large areas of solid color.
a member of a possibly non-Celtic people who once occupied Great Britain, carried on continual border wars with the Romans, and about the ninth century became amalgamated with the Scots
Pict is a statically typed programming language based on the pi-calculus, one of very few languages to do this. Work on the language began at the University of Edinburgh in 1992. The language is still at an experimental stage.
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painted, variegated ("picta")
Preliminary Implementation Component Tool: A tool used by County Boards and the ODMRDD to identify and allocate capacity on Home and Community-Based waivers administered by the Department.
PARKS Inner Child Therapy (Counsellors Association)
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A printed photo generated by means of either a computer scanner device or a medical scan device (ultra scan).