Definitions for "Graphic Interchange Format"
Keywords:  gif, jpeg, interlaced, compressed, aren
A patented type of graphics file common on the Internet.
A method used to compress and transfer graphics image s into digital in format ion; it is commonly used to transfer graphics file s on the Internet because of its excellent display of solid colors in all Web browser s. These files are compressed so they take up the minimum amount of space & can therefore be downloaded a lot quicker than other graphics file. GIF files are typically used for: Background s; Displaying banner s; Advertisements; Buttons. The files unlike other graphical file types are limited to 256 colors. GIF Files are stored in a number of different formats such as: 87a; Interlaced 87a; 89a; Interlaced 89a. The interlaced versions are designed to allow the image to be gradually revealed as it is downloaded. GIF Files can also be: Animated - gives the impression of a video. A collection of GIFS, each picture slightly different from the previous. Same principle as a film; Transparent - Blends in with the background.
The file format used for item illustrations in an e.Order store. GIF files often are used for viewing graphics on a web page. An interlaced GIF is one that first appears with poor resolution, then comes into focus in digital waves.