Definitions for "TGA"
The ar ga image format can read by numerous different image manipulation programs for several different platforms. It is frequently used in special effects and raytracing work.
(Targa) A photorealistic graphics file format designed for systems with a Truevision display adapter. FrontPage can import TGA files.
Therapeutic Goods Administration is responsible for drug approval in Australia.
Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration
Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia's regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices.
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Total Gross Area. TGA is the (T)otal (G)ross (A)rea of a building valued using the cost approach. It is the total square footage of all floors in the building.
Thermogravimetric analysis.
Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis - Analysis of weight loss (or gain) as a function of temperature.
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Taylor Grazing Act
Acronym for Turfgrass Growers Association.
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transient global amnesia. see amnesia